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Rapper E-Sens Arrested for Third Time for Marijuana Use

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According to the news outlet dongA, rapper E-Sens of the former hip-hop duo Supreme Team was arrested at his home on April 6 and is facing charges of marijuana use. He has been cooperating with the police and has admitted that he was using the drug. The news outlet says that E-Sens is currently being charged with three cases of marijuana use going back to last September. He is being accused of smoking marijuana in a parking lot, at home, and at a friend's home. This would be the third time that E-Sens has been arrested due to drug use. He was charged in 2012 for using marijuana, and then again in 2014 for purchasing the drug online from a distributor that had smuggled it into the country. E-Sens's agency is denying this new report and says that E-Sens was not charged again, and that the investigation into his previous use is still ongoing. However, a source at the Seoul Western District Prosecutors' Office has been quoted as saying that E-Sens was arrested. While there has been no ruling by the court regarding this case, they say it is likely that E-Sens will be serving time in prison for these charges. Source (1) (2)

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