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Ladies' Code Manager Involved in Crash Comes to Agreement With Families of Deceased and Apologizes in Tears

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The manager who was driving the Ladies' Code van when it crashed and killed two of the girl group members, EunB and RiSe, revealed that he had come to a settlement with the families of the deceased. On April 8, during the appeal, the manager's lawyer said, "We have reached an agreement with the families of the deceased," and revealed that they will soon be submitting the relevant documents to court. The manager also read out an apology letter at the trial to the late EunB and RiSe's family in tears. He said in the letter, "I truly apologize to the families and the victims. I will go to visit each one by one and ask for forgiveness." He also thanked his own family for supporting him through the difficult time and said, "I know there are people who will resent me for this. I will forever live this life I've been given in atonement." Meanwhile, he was sentenced to two years and six months in prison this day after the prosecutors appealed that the previous sentence of 1 year and 2 months was too light. Source (1) See also: Prosecution Appeals Year-and-Two-Month Sentence of Ladies’ Code Manager Ladies’ Code Manager and Families of Deceased Unable to Reach Agreement Ladies’ Code Manager Arrested and Under Investigation for Speeding at Time of Accident

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