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Video: Red Velvet is Cool as Ice Cream on ASC

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On this week's episode of "After School Club" the trio of MCs are finally reunited (and it feels so good). Eric Nam, Park Jimin, and Kevin came together to celebrate some big things happening in the ASC studio and to welcome special guests Red Velvet. From Jimin's fan-girling of Joy (apparently she is super pretty) and Eric fan-boying Yeri's aegyo - the episode is full of hilarious moments and more of adorable Red Velvet.

1. The debut of ASC's new set!

asc-154-red-velvet-new-set Lookin' good!

2. A quick celebration...

asc-154-red-velvet-congratsasc-154-red-velvet-mcs-HATS ... of Red Velvet's sweeping #1 across music shows only eight months after their debut! Congratulations ladies!

3. Yeri, as the magnae (youngest), doing what all magnae's must do.

asc-154-red-velvet-yeri-aegyo-time Aegyo of course!

4. Eric takes on dancing.

asc-154-red-velvet-eric-dancing-uh-ohasc-154-red-velvet-eric-dancing-uh-oh-2 And single-handedly ruins the "Ice Cream Cake" choreography for the nation. He also creates a new dance - the "chip dance."

5. It is discovered that Yeri looks like a Pokemon.

asc-154-red-velvet-yeri-is-squirtle Can you guess which one? (It's Squirtle.)

Catch the whole episode on SoompiTV now:

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