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Min, Jo Kwon, and Amber Go All Out at Karaoke on "4 Things Show"

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Miss A's Min and her best friends go all out in karaoke in the upcoming episode of "4 Things Show." In the show, Min goes to karaoke when her friends call, where Jo Kwon and Amber are waiting for her. The awkwardness disappears in a split second as they rock out to Lee Jung Hyun's "Change." Jo Kwon and Amber are oblivious of the cameras and everyone just has a great time together. Jo Kwon says, "I've never had this much wholesome fun before," and Min adds, "I think I tried harder than I did at music shows," unable to hide her excitement. And of course it's unavoidable.. The group gets down to Amber's solo track "Shake That Brass." Amber, slightly embarrassed, says to just skip it, but no one listens, and twerking ensues. Watch the trio and their friends at karaoke below! On this episode, airing on April 7, Min will be talking about the chance she had of making it in the States, along with showing what fun and hilarious things happen in her daily life. Stay tuned for this episode and don't miss out on her honest confessions! Source (1)

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