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"Running Man" Comes under Fire for Kissing Mission

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Running Man’s” kissing mission made some more uncomfortable than entertained. On the April 5 broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man,” the cast members along with guests Park Ye Jin, Shin Se Kyung, and Yoon Jin Seo participated in a “Baseball Field Kissing Time” mission. Everyone was paired up into couples, and in order to win, a couple had to get a picture taken of one person kissing the other on the cheek. While it isn’t the first “Running Man” mission to involve skinship, this kissing mission crossed the line for many viewers because the couples had to kiss repeatedly until their picture was successfully taken. Some have claimed that the show’s producers couldn’t have been completely oblivious to the iffy nature of the game, since they paired the married men, Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin, together and the odd one out, Haha, with a member of the “Running Man” family, Song Ji Hyo, rather than one of the female guests. Running Man Viewers also criticized the game for being inconsiderate to the female guests. Although it was just a game and the “Running Man” cast played it off as well as they could with their usual jokes and playfulness, viewers argued that having to kiss someone multiple times can still be burdensome. Running Man Some of the comments that viewers have posted include, “I thought I was watching ‘We Got Married,’” “I thought ‘We Got Married’ was too much but why is ‘Running Man’ like this,” “Can you please stop doing these provocative games? Just do the name tag ripping,” and “I could tell both the person [kissing] and being [kissed] were feeling burdened.” What did you think about the kissing mission? Did you find it too much? Source (1)

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