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Kim Moo Yeol and Yoon Seung Ah Become Husband and Wife

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Actor Kim Moo Yeol and actress Yoon Seung Ah will have their wedding on April 4. The two have been dating since 2011 and are finally tying the knot four years later. The wedding will be private, and only close family and friends will be invited to celebrate their quiet marriage. The officiant of this wedding will be someone who is very close to both of them, actor Jo Jung Suk. Also, singer Lee Hyun will sing for the wedding. The couple has no plans for a honeymoon yet, but they did recently go to Europe for a photo shoot together. Prior to this, Kim Moo Yeol wrote on his fan cafe saying, "I will be taking my first step in love with my other half on April 4. I  will treasure my love and live happily, being grateful for every little thing. I will become a more mature person," and announced his wedding. Source (1) See also: Real Couple Yoon Seung Ah and Kim Moo Yeol Have a Wedding Pictorial with Elle Bride

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