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10 Korean Actresses Who Can Take the Title of "Rom-Com Queen"

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Which Korean actress do you consider to be the queen of romantic comedies?

Local news source enews24 recently released a special report in which they named Jang Nara, Han Ye Seul, Hwang Jung Eum, Jung Yu Mi, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Ha Neul, and Son Ye Jin as seven of the most notable actresses in the genre of romantic comedies. We add Ha Ji Won, Yoon Eun Hye, and Choi Kang Hee to the list to ask, "Who is your favorite romantic comedy queen?"

Jang Nara
Jang Nara has quite a long list of romantic comedies in her resume: from her first drama "Successful Story of a Bright Girl," the divisive "My Love Patzzi," and her most recents projects "Fated to Love You" and "Mr. Back." Jang Nara has the "girl next door" image, making her relatability and approachability a perfect match for rom-coms. 2014.08.15_jang nara

Jang Nara in "Fated to Love You"

Han Ye Seul
Han Ye Seul has also done her fair share of romantic comedies during her 12-year acting career, most notably in "Couple or Trouble," as the slightly nutty Na Sang Shil, and the recent "Birth of a Beauty," in which she played a vengeful ahjumma with an appetite. Both were hits with the audience and her fans, helping to establish Han Ye Seul as a rom-com queen. hanyeseulface_birthofabeauty

Han Ye Seul in "Birth of a Beauty"

Hwang Jung Eum
This singer-turned-actress became a household name with her hilarious antics on the 2009 sitcom "High Kick Through the Roof." Hwang Jung Eum later starred in more serious roles in hit dramas like "Giant," "Can You Hear My Heart," and "Secret." But most recently, she returned to comedy with "Kill Me, Heal Me," showing she hasn't lost her funny bone and isn't afraid to go all out in making a fool of herself. hwang jung eum kill me heal me

Hwang Jung Eum in "Kill Me Heal Me"

Jung Yumi
Jung Yumi has taken on a lot of serious roles throughout her 13-year career, but as of late has done more lighter roles, utilizing her quirky and offbeat image to bring comedy to the small screen in dramas like "I Need Romance 2012" and "Discovery of Love." 2014.08.07_discovery of love posters

"Discovery of Love" posters

Ha Ji Won
Ha Ji Won may be known more for her action skills, but she also starred in several rom-com hits like "Sex Is Zero" and "The King 2 Hearts," showing she can kick richard simmons AND make you laugh. Sex_Is_Zero_film_poster

"Sex Is Zero" poster

Gong Hyo Jin
Gong Hyo Jin may be the darling of Korean rom-com dramas with a slew of hits under her belt such as "Pasta," "The Greatest Love," and "Master's Sun." She also brought her talent to the big screen with films like "Love Fiction" and "Crush and Blush." master's sun gong hyo jin

Gong Hyo Jin in "Master's Sun"

Choi Kang Hee
Choi Kang Hee also has done rom-com on the big screen and small, winning over audiences with her sweet, quirky charm in works like the film "Petty Romance" and the drama "Protect the Boss." protect-the-boss-to-release-their-ost-cd-on-the-8th-with-30000-preorders-already-sold_image

"Protect the Boss" poster

Kim Ha Neul
Kim Ha Neul started her career in more dramatic projects such as the film "Ditto" and the drama "Piano." She began to show her comedic chops with the small-screen rom-com "Romance" and the film "My Tutor Friend." Her most successful projects have been rom-coms so far, such as the film "My Girlfriend Is an Agent" and her most recent drama, "A Gentlemen's Dignity." kim ha neul gentleman's dignity

Kim Ha Neul in "A Gentleman's Dignity"

Son Ye Jin
Son Ye Jin might be known more to the international audience for her darker and more tragic projects like "Shark" and "A Moment to Remember," but she's done a lot of rom-com films, like "The Art of Seduction" and "Spellbound." Some of her rom-com dramas include "Personal Taste" and "Delicious Proposal."


"Personal Taste" promotional image

Yoon Eun Hye
A list of rom-com queens wouldn't be complete with Yoon Eun Hye who built her post-music career through the genre in dramas like "Coffee Prince" and "Lie to Me." And it doesn't hurt that she has great chemistry with so many of her co-stars. yoon eun hye in coffee prince

Yoon Eun Hye in "Coffee Prince"

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