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Lee Hong Ki Nearly Threw Laptop in Anger at Agency CEO's Remarks

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FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki appears on a special episode of MBC's "Radio Star" entitled "To Be Totally Honest" in order to respond to the comments that had been made about him on the show by his agency's CEO Han Sung Ho. Han Sung Ho runs FNC Entertainment, the agency that also manages groups such as CNBLUE and AOA. On a previous episode of "Radio Star," Han Sung Ho said that he would choose to hand over his company to CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa instead of Lee Hong Ki because "Lee Hong Ki always just goes astray." At the time, Lee Hong Ki posted on his Twitter to ask the "Radio Star" producers to invite him on their show once he made a comeback so he could respond to the CEO's comments about him being a troublemaker. Now that he has the chance to vent his frustrations on the show, Lee Hong Ki really doesn't hold anything back. He says he was in Japan when he found out about the CEO's remarks on the show. "When I was watching it I almost threw my laptop. Why would you talk about someone who's not there like that?" lee hong ki "I've never done anything that could be called going astray. I don't understand why he would say that. He told me that it was a mistake in the editing," says Lee Hong Ki. The hosts deny this. "It was worse in the original cut. It was so bad it was like beheading a corpse," they joke. In addition, when talking about the reality show "Cheongdam Dong 111," which features members of FNC's agency, Lee Hong Ki states, "Honestly, I really didn't want to take part in filming "Cheongdam Dong 111," but [Han Sung Ho] kept asking me to so I agreed. I was doing him a big favor." When asked if it was true that Lee Hong Ki had confessed on "Cheongdam Dong 111" that he had a girlfriend and then broken up with her two weeks later, Lee Hong Ki expresses his anger at the CEO again. He says he had been used by the agency to create a scandal. "You know how shows are actually aired a long time after you've filmed them. So I had a girlfriend when we were filming. But when it was broadcast, I didn't have one." He says that Han Sung Ho then told everyone they had broken up two weeks after that when he went on "Radio Star." lee hong ki 3 He adds, "But I said I had a girlfriend when they told me that the camera was off! And then they used it on the show - for the next episode's preview!" He expresses his disappoint in his agency's actions. "My agency wasn't covering for me. They were using me." Lee Hong Ki also reveals, "I was tricked into renewing my contract with the agency." He has previously talked about his conflicts with his agency on the show "Witch Hunt." Also on this episode of "Radio Star," Lee Hong Ki says he avoids talking about labelmate Jung Yong Hwa because it always leads to comparison between the two of them. Watch a clip from "Radio Star" below! Source (1) (2) (3)

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