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Justin Timberlake - Futuresex/ Lovesounds

Guest IMAJynXed1

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SexyBack and its remix has terrible lyrics.

And of course the voice altering of Timberlake is.. o.O

Nevertheless, this album stands above the Justified album.

Definitely worth buying! *hides his downloaded version*

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Guest sunshine4ever

I just bought the cd today..didn't get a chance to hear all the songs yet..omg...but I was disbelieved that Justin didn't write any notes to God, family, friends, or fans...what disappointment. No lyrics too. I guess I'll review later when I get some time on hand to hear all of it. :w00t:

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Guest Original Doll

I absolutly love this album! All of the songs are great;

LoveStoned/I Think She Knows (omg <3 <3),

What Goes Around/Comes Around (though it's abviously & cruely about Britney, it's a real good song),

Losing My Way (soo sad T_T <3),

My Love ( =) ),

(Another Song) All Over Again (<3 <3),

Damn Girl (love the beat)


My least favorite song is chop me up, I don't seem to get used to it :/

Concerning SexyBack, I like the song but hate the video!

The album sounds a little like Nelly Furtado's Loose, but it's even better!



it's real music! <3

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I am VERY suprised. To sum it up, SexyBack as a single doesn't do it justice, even though I think the song is awesome and sooo addicting. I don't know which songs I love the best, but I like his style and the lyrics aren't bad either. His last couple of songs, AMAZING. He did a good job, I am going to be playing this album for awhile.

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My favorite tracks are: My Love & Losing My Way.

Losing my way is such a good song lyrically. The words are really to the point and show a point of view of a persons life. It's something that happens.

I've seen people around me do drugs and ruin their lives o_O.

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I haven't heard the rest of the songs in the album


I enjoyed sexyback (which is weird cuz i used to HATE THIS SONG WITH A PASSION, but ended up getting use to the beat) and My love (which i really like the beat and the chorus) =)

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Guest OoOitzCathyOoO

This is a really great album! I got the album a week before it actually cam eout and I was blown away. And to top it off...he is a hottie! :D

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omg i'm obsessed with MY LOVE...*sigh* i just pretend he's singing it to me instead of Cameron Diaz's fake butt..<_<

anywho, i'm thinking about buying the album cuz there's already 3 songs i like...if i like at least 2 more it's a definite buy.

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Didnt hear it, don't wanna

cuz I dun like him!

He makes me sick :angry:

:lol: you should just try it...My Love isnt as annoying as some of his other songs..plus T.I. rocks it lovely...

quick question tho, why dont u like JT?

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