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Korean National Police Agency Places Strict Charges Against April Fools' Prank Calls

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The National Police Agency has decided to act sternly against April Fools' pranks due to the sudden flood of prank calls solely on this day, making it hard for the police force to carry out their duties. On March 31, the day before April 1, they announced that they will press charges against those who pull April Fools' pranks on the police. Those who pull these pranks will be fined as much as 600,000 won. If the prank calls worsen and they interfere with a public official in the exercise of his duty, the perpetrators will be obligated to serve as much as five years in prison, or pay as much as 10 million won (around 9000 USD). One representative from the police agency stressed that "if there are any more prank calls or tricks from now on, we will go as far as to sue, along with pressing criminal charges." Source (1) See also: BEAST’s Yoseob Reminds Fans Not to Prank Call Police on April Fool’s Day

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