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Mystic Entertainment Releases Parody Website of Dispatch For April Fool's Day

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Mystic Entertainment, consisting of artists such as Yoon Jong Shin, Jo Jung Chi, and Kim Ye Rim, joined the jokes of April Fool’s Day by making the website “Mispatch.” On April 1, Mystic Entertainment built the website “Mispatch” and released the link to the public. The introduction for the site reads, “We diss our own artists,” and “This is a written media format, made on April 1, 2015,  that is almost too good to be true. We will deliver the blatant truth.” Articles on the artists of Mystic Entertainment also cover the site. Reports on Yoon Jong Shin, Park Sang Hyun (formerly Thunder of MBLAQ), and Hareem are not only informational but also give readers a good laugh. This parody of Dispatch was Mystic Entertainment’s joke for April Fool’s Day. Dispatch is a Korean entertainment news outlet. Source (1) See also: Former MBLAQ Member Thunder Drops Stage Name as He Embarks on Acting Career

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