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Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - April Week 1

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We sorted through hours of dramas this past week, and though there were a few forgettable moments, there were also lots of must-see ones! Which ones, you say? Take a look at our picks!

1. "Shine or Go Crazy": Noble hero

The past week was rife with heartbreaking moments that seemingly prepared us for a finale full of tears. It was no easy task picking a top moment, but we settled on this one because it's one of the finest examples of how the typical nobly idiotic moment can really be nobly heroic.

Wang So and Shin Yool are star-crossed lovers of the worst kind, and while facing impending death for their sham marriage that violated palace rules, our hero had no choice but to deny their relationship to save her life. Fully understanding that there was no other way out, we couldn't even get mad at Wang Wook for using the opportunity to make her his bride because he, too, wanted keep her alive. So, all we could do was watch helplessly and share in the two lovers' anguish. It hurts, writers, it hurts!

2. "Hogu's Love": Synchronized love

After the tears and sweet confession, both Do Hee and Ho Gu wake up in a great mood. Hogu dances his way into the kitchen, singing a children's song and is busted by his mom. Meanwhile, Do Hee sings the same song, doing a wild dance and is caught by Kang Chul. Ahhh, the beginnings of love!

3. "Hyde, Jekyll, Me": Celebrate with a kiss

His alter has been fully integrated with him, but Seo Jin has not completely gone back to his old self. Traces of Robin remain, which include certain signature traits and memories.

On his alter's birthday, Seo Jin brings Ha Na to the place she told Robin they should celebrate the occasion. It is there Seo Jin once again professes love to Ha Na and wishes to be with her. From there, things heat up as Seo Jin kisses her forehead, eyes, and lips; the great part is that she returns the kiss!

We can't believe it took twenty episodes to get that kiss!


4. "Unkind Women": Can't stay away

Although he's initially turned down for a lunch date, Roo Oh can't keep away from Ma Ri, whom he pretty much stalks at the library. After straightening out another identity mix-up with his male Kendo student, he eventually finds the real Ma Ri. He makes an entrance that doesn't immediately endear him to her, playing footsies to get her attention. She's irritated at first but is tripped up by his imposing charm, wangling library time with her and a lunch date that clears up his relationship status. Who wouldn't say yes to him?!


5. "Angry Mom": Not bad at all

The number one bully at school, Go Bok Dong, has proven to be more than meets the eye. When he is ordered to kill a classmate and make it look like a suicide, he shows no desire to do it. Instead, he advises the her to transfer or, at the very least, run away because her defiance has placed her life in danger.

Bok Dong has shown us a side of him that leads us to believe that he, too, has a pitiful backstory, and he is the victim of a system run by corrupt adults. Judging by his concern for his classmate, we see how the thugs above him have turned him into a bully, but this scene gives us hope that he'll turn himself around.


6. "Heard It Through The Grapevine": The world is your oyster

It is one of those quiet moments that sneaks up on you. The best thing about In Sang and Seo Bom is their youthful optimism. They want to work hard so that they can explore the world and do things that they dream of, and that excitement rubbed off on us, reminding us that the world is full of dreams yet unfulfilled. How wonderful is it that instead of letting this unplanned pregnancy limit their choices, it's expanded them? We should all be more like them.


7. "My Heart Twinkle Twinkle": Healing love

After many hours in labor, Soon Jin gives birth to a baby boy. Although this should have been the happiest day of her life, she succumbs to her sadness and refuses to see the baby. So scarred by her husband, it seems she doesn't want to be part of the baby's life and even live. Yet, as she spends time with her child, she quickly falls in love with him.

A bonding moment between mother and baby is always touching, and we hope the child will become a balm to her severely wounded heart.

8. "Rosy Lovers": Choosing the one

In a move that should have happened many episodes ago, Jang Mi finally tells her father she's not going home with him. She is Cho Rong's mother; she wants to be with her daughter and Cha Dol, the man she loves. When Dad grabs her arm and begs, she pulls away and leaves with Cha Dol. We've been waiting a very long time for this moment!

9. "Queen's Flower": Party girl uncovered

Miserable because of the direction of his life and his impending arranged marriage, Park Jae Joon goes clubbing with his friends. Among many surprises of the day, he learns that his seemingly innocent fiancée, who presumably doesn't even touch alcohol, is in fact a party queen. He catches Yoo Ra dancing center stage, and even his friends are drooling over her as she pulls off sexy dance moves, but the look on her face when she's busted is too funny.

With her lie outed, maybe the wedding can be called off, and he can at least be with the girl he truly cares for---Yoo Ra's half sister, Yi Sol.

10. "Blood": Vampire Alien

Ri Ta has invited Ji Sang on a shopping spree, buying new clothes for him as a gesture of gratitude for saving her life. As they walk out of the mall, Ji Sang becomes irritated because of the sun’s heat. Ri Ta's solution: Getting him sunglasses. The shades help him and he gets some stares, but not the wanted kind, with passersby snickering at his alien eyes! LOL.

Thank you for checking out our top ten! Holler for your favorites, and join us again next week!

Until next time!

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