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BEAST’s Yoseob Reminds Fans Not to Prank Call Police on April Fool’s Day

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BEAST member Yoseob has been gaining attention for his thoughtful, well-mannered reminder for fans ahead of April Fool’s Day (April 1), which is a day when people play practical jokes. On March 31, Yoseob wrote through his personal Twitter account, “April Fool’s Day has returned without fail once again!! Please don’t make prank calls to the fire station, police station, or any other public institutions! Everyone knows the reason without having to explain, right?!!” The BEAST member pulled a prank on fans by changing his Twitter name and profile picture to that of his pet Chihuahua, Yang Gaeng. He tweeted on behalf of his dog, "MungMungMung (WoofWoofWoof)," which is the equivalent to the sound of a dog's bark. While this day is certainly known as one on which many people prank one another, it is important to stay away from making prank phone calls to public institutions, as it could result in serious consequences with the law. With all that aside, enjoy April Fool’s Day by pulling fun pranks (that don’t endanger anyone’s life or your own) and beware of others’ pranks! Source (1)

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