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Love Is Love, But What This Korean Guy Does for His Children Is Disgusting

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The March 30 episode of “Hello Counselor,” a show that attempts to give advice to people with all types of crazy concerns, introduces one women who can’t stand the level of gross her husband reaches out of love for their children. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with loving your child, but if it gets to this level of disgusting?

hello counselor guests

The woman says her husband is great with their kids (three and four years old) just like Lee Hwi Jae or Song Il Gook from “Superman Returns,” but “when I see the way he just dies of love for our kids, it’s so gross I get goosebumps.” She explains just how disgusting it gets, that he loves their children SO much, he’ll eat their saliva when they drool, and he’ll eat their snot when they're sick and their noses run. Right off his fingers after he has them blow their noses... And according to the woman, although her husband later denies her claim, he has also tried tasting the stool of the children.

Love really knows NO BOUNDARIES.

baek ji young hello counselor 0

Baek Ji Young, who is a guest on this episode with Ga In, Huh Gak, and Song Yu Bin, brings up the point that if her husband can eat all of those things out of love, can he do the same for her?

The woman says that she did ask her husband this at one point, and he responded by asking her if she was crazy, and to come to her senses. 

She's mad.

hello counselor 5

At the same time, when she says something to her husband about how gross it is for him to eat the children’s saliva, snot, and stool, he gets angry, she says, asking her if she loves the children and accusing her of having no motherly love.

The hosts directly ask the husband, who is sitting in the audience, why he does this. “Because it’s a baby’s, I think it’s really clean,” he says.

hello counselor 4

When confronted with the topic of eating the baby's stool, the husband explains that it’s a misunderstanding, and he was just checking the stool to see why it was different from what was normal for the child. However, the wife insists that she caught him in the act, that he got some stool on his nose while smelling it, and licked it off with his tongue.

Host Shin Dong Yup wraps up the disagreement in his usual teasing style, saying that the husband is simply denying the claims because the audience is so repulsed already.

Following up on the earlier topic of whether the husband could eat the phlegm of his wife, he says that hers is "dirty." The hosts jokingly ask the father if he could eat the phlegm of his grown-up child, to which he responds that he thinks he could, because it's his child.

Still mad.

hello counselor 6

The concerns of the woman don't end there. She states that she's sincerely afraid of the children, currently at a highly impressionable age, copying their father and learning to do the same thing. She says that she's already seen her son eat his own snot.

Moreover, the husband loves his children so much, he installed security cameras with audio capability, and nags at his wife about the kids even when he's not at home, and about her whereabouts if he can't see her on camera. He pretty much is watching the camera footage at all hours of the day, the woman says.

hello counselor camera

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