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Tablo Describes His New Label High Ground on His Radio Show

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Rapper Tablo of Epik High revealed more information about his new label High Ground during his radio show, "Tablo's Dreaming Radio." During the March 30 show of the radio program, Tablo answered various questions regarding his upcoming music label High Ground with his Epik High group mates, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz. During the session, Tablo said, "It's natural that people think [High Ground] is a hip hop label as Epik High is a hip hop group and I am a rapper. But to clarify, it will encompass all genres," revealing, "Many diverse musicians will be a part of High Ground." Tablo also stated that he came up with the name for the label and explained, "'High Ground' signifies high quality music that is free from the distinctions between 'overground' and 'underground.'" Answering the concern for the delay in the next Epik High album due to the label, Tablo answered, "Epik High will remain as YG artists. The new label, which I will manage, will be a partner, a way for me to help other artists. We will still be part of YG." See also: Epik High to Start Their Own Label Backed By YG Entertainment and Headed by Tablo Source: (x)

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