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Oh Jung Yeon's Question to EXO Lay During Press Conference Causes Controversy

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Former KBS announcer Oh Jung Yeon, who was in charge of facilitating the press conference for EXO’s comeback, has been receiving criticism for a question she asked during a video call with member Lay. During the press conference, which was held on March 30 for EXO’s second album “EXODUS,” the members of the group shared their thoughts on their long-awaited comeback and their journey putting the album together. Lay, who was unable to attend the conference because he was filming for the movie “Oh My God” in China, greeted fans via video call. “I’m really sorry (I could not be there), I really wanted to see everybody. I miss the members too. We will show a perfect image for this comeback. Please anticipate it,” Lay shared. As she was wrapping up the call, Oh Jung Yeon asked Lay, “You’re going to return for sure, right?” alluding to the highly publicized departure of members Kris and Luhan last year. Lay responded, “I’m going to return. I must return.” Fans took to social media to call out Oh Jung Yeon on what they viewed as rude behavior and demanded an apology from her. Do you think Oh Jung Yeon was out of line? Source (1) See also: Former EXO Members Kris and Luhan Once Again Fail to Reach Settlement with SM Entertainment [Update] Kris Hired Hangeng’s Former Law Firm to File Contract Termination from SM EXO Achieves All-Kill with Release of “Call Me Baby”

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