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"Kill Me, Heal Me" Writer Receives Touching Fan Letter from America

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Writer of “Kill Me, Heal MeJin Soo Wan received a touching fan letter all the way from America. On March 30, Pan Entertainment, the production company behind “Kill Me, Heal Me,” said, “Last Tuesday on [March] 24, a letter entitled ‘To Writer Jin Soo Wan’ arrived at production company Pan Entertainment.” The sender of the letter, Anabel Enriquez is a writer and psychologist residing in Florida. She opens by saying that she coincidentally came across “Kill Me, Heal Me” on the Internet and was immediately hooked. As a psychologist with expertise in clinical neuropsychology, Anabel Enriquez shares that “it was impossible not to get emotionally involved.” She congratulates and thanks Jin Soo Wan for depicting Dissociative Identity Disorder with “rigor, within the limits of fiction” and the “excellent recreation of the psychopathological elements, offering a deep and sublime view of the therapeutic without neglecting the drama at any moment.” Anabel Enriquez continues, “Thank you for your exceptional, sincere and strict approach of the child abuse, and thanks for making the protagonists never forgive that act.” She closes the letter by asking Jin Soo Wan to communicated to lead actors Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum her gratitude and that “they entered another dimension of acting.” Meanwhile, “Kill Me, Heal Me” wrapped up its last episode on March 12. Source (1) See also: Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum Wrap Up “Kill Me, Heal Me” in Tears Hwang Jung Eum Wants to Act with Ji Sung Again after She Is Married Ji Sung Revealed to Have Been Acting Even with Vocal Fold Edema Hwang Jung Eum Says “Kill Me, Heal Me” Was Hard But Very Memorable [tv]Watch Kill Me, Heal Me on SoompiTV[/tv]

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