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YG Reveals Name of Epik High's New Label and Plans for Every YG Artist to Have Their Own Label

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CEO and founder of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk recently revealed that Epik High would start their own label with Tablo as head and backed by the full support of YG Entertainment. The name of the hip hop label has been revealed to be High Ground, referring to the label’s mission to develop underground hip hop talent and seems to also be a play on Epik High’s name. “Usually hip hop is called underground, but we made the name of the new label High Ground. It symbolizes our determination to make underground music more mainstream and to come out with high quality music,” Yang Hyun Suk shared in a phone interview with media outlet OSEN. He also expressed regret at not being able to take in the many hip hop artists who have desired to find a home at YG Entertainment and how that played a role in the birth of High Ground. He commented, “Thankfully, authentic hip hop musicians like Tablo and Epik High joined YG and while seeing them work, the thought of making a label with Tablo as the head was consolidated.” He continued, “Through Tablo, we found a way to materially and morally support underground hip hop artists.” He said that the format will consist of “YG in the background fully guiding” the label and added, “We will make it so that [the artists] can do music in a good environment. Just like we are supporting Tablo’s own label despite him being one of our artists. To be honest, we have a long-term goal of making labels for all of the artists at YG.” “YG will do all we can to support, helping with the complicated administrative work like marketing and various related paperwork so that the artists can give their undivided attention to creative music activities,” Yang Hyun Suk said. Are you excited about High Ground? Which other YG artist would you like to have their own label? Source (1) See also: Epik High to Start Their Own Label Backed By YG Entertainment and Headed by Tablo

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