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Seo In Guk Reveals His Fear of Moths in "Laws of the Jungle"

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Not many like night critters, especially those with a million legs. Seo In Guk is human too and was frightened by moths like any normal human being would. On the episode of SBS’s “Laws of the Jungle in Indochina,” he appears with hopes that he will thrive in the jungle due to his energetic and fit image. However, people discover a different charm to him as they discover his down-to-earth side that fears bugs. Even before arriving at the jungle, Seo In Guk confidently says, “I will do all the work for you.” He actually is true to his word, as he is the only one able to approach a rat snake found in the dark forest. Son Ho Joon is surprised that he is amazed by the snake rather than afraid of it. However, the one thing that he truly hates is moths. During his interview, he suddenly shouts out in surprise as a moth flies onto his thigh. Because he is paralyzed with fear, a woman staff member has to come up and shoo the moth away. Fans will be able to watch Seo In Guk, the energizer of the group, manage living in the wild on March 27 through “Laws of the Jungle.” seo in gook moths 2 Below is a preview video:

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