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Epik High to Start Their Own Label Backed By YG Entertainment and Headed by Tablo

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Hip hop group Epik High is starting their own label, which will be backed by their current label YG Entertainment. CEO and founder of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk said, “Be it 1TYM or Jinusean, YG’s roots have always been hip hop. YG feels deeply indebted but on the other hand grateful to all of the artists doing hip hop in this country.” He expressed regret at not being able to take in the many aspiring hip hop artists who want to come to YG Entertainment. The plan is for Epik High, who has the greatest understanding of the underground hip hop scene of the artists in YG Entertainment, to spearhead the new label with Tablo as president. Yang Hyun Suk judged Tablo to be the most suitable candidate for the position as he is a multi-talented rapper, lyricist, and producer and has a strong understanding of the Hongdae underground scene. “We will do our best to support the establishment of this hip hop label so that it can become a good opportunity to all underground hip hop artists,” Yang Hyun Suk said. Who’s excited about Epik High’s new label?

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