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Sung Si Kyung Saddened by Lee Min Ho and Suzy's Romance

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More stars are chiming in with their reactions to the news that Lee Min Ho and miss A's Suzy are now dating. On JTBC's taboo-breaking talk show "Witch Hunt," Sung Si Kyung admits that the news of Lee Min Ho and Suzy's idyllic romance made him feel miserable. It seems that the king of romantic love songs couldn't help but compare himself to the dazzling couple and their clandestine European adventures. It also probably didn't help that Sung Si Kyung seems to have a bit of a crush on Suzy, as he's mentioned having dreams about dating her before. "I heard the news about their romance while I walking to the recording studio," he says. "I was listening to some music at the time, and I had my hood up over my head. I found out when an acquaintance messaged me about it." He adds, "While everyone was getting excited about the rumors that these two attractive people were now in this beautiful relationship, I was breathing in exhaust fumes as I walked past the second exit to the Chungmuro subway station. Someone was selling fish-shaped pastries next to the exit. For no real reason at all, I compared myself to the happy rumors about their love life, and I felt really miserable." In reply, fellow host Heo Ji Woong commiserates with Sung Si Kyung by agreeing that the atmosphere at the second exit of Chungmuro is pretty depressing. This episode of "Witch Hunt" will air on March 27.

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