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Review: "Shine or Go Crazy" Episodes 19-20

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Wang So (Jang Hyuk)’s plan to expose Wang Shik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) fails as the latter switches things up and exposes the marriage in Gaebong. Wang So and Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) are then arrested for marrying without a royal approval. Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) is just as upset about General Gwak (Kim Bub Rae) defying their agreement, but General Gwak says his loyalty went to whoever had the most power and Wang Shik Ryeom was that person. Wang Shik Ryeom tells Wang Wook that once Wang So is dead, he can get the throne. However, he must give up on Shin Yool in order to achieve that. He visits Shin Yool in prison so she can take her medicine that Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young) gave him. Wang Wook also sees Wang So who knows he is there to help Shin Yool. Wang Wook guesses that Wang So’s plan is to declare the marriage a fake, but that’ll be hard since Wang Shik Ryeom positioned himself as the chief investigator over their case. Wang Wook also makes it known that he has the antidote, but does not believe it will work since General Gwak is the main witness for Wang Shik Ryeom. Wang Wook tells Wang So of Shin Yool’s illness before he leaves the prison, which surprises Wang So since he was not aware of her condition. crazy19.2 Princess Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) tells Wang Shik Ryeom that she is now worried about her reputation since she is now Prince Wang So’s second wife. Wang Shik Ryeom guesses she wants to save her husband, but he doesn't need her tricks. He believes the antidote is not working and does not know it is only a temporary fix made by Yeo Won herself. Wang Wook reports to Shin Yool’s family on her condition and it does not ease their worry and Baek Myo heats up her empty room. Back in prison, Wang So checks on Shin Yool who is visibly unwell, her medicine didn't seem to work and she falls in and out of consciousness. Wang Wook and Yeo Won bring in a doctor who says she has less than one year to live. Shine.or.Go.Crazy.E20.150324.HDTV.H264.720p-LIMO.avi_20150326_131642.703 With help from Wang Wook and Se Won (Na Jong Chan), Wang So is able to get the antidote to King Jeong Jong (Ryu Seung Soo) who is then well enough to preside over the questioning for Wang So and Shin Yool's case. Both admit to the wedding, but say it was all fake. General Gwak gives his testimony by saying they spent the night together, but Wang So says he didn't and left early the next day. In order to convince everyone they are not a couple, Wang So says they have no feelings for one another. Then Wang Wook, surprising everyone, asks for permission to marry Shin Yool - which the king grants. She and Wang So are saved, but no one appears to be happy about the road it took to get there. Wang So takes Shin Yool out for one last night to the temple where they became blood brothers and wish each other well on their respective journeys. As Wang So drops her off back home, there's an immense sadness in their impending fates, but both slowly walk their separate ways. But before she goes inside, Shin Yool runs back to Wang So and they embrace in one last kiss before they are to go back to being strangers. The next day, Wang Wook says the wedding will happen as planned and Shin Yool is being fitted for her wedding gown, but all she can think about is her wedding day in Gaebong with tears in her eyes.


akinahana89: Well, this week’s episodes of “Shine or Go Crazy” was eventful. I’m still not sure if I liked it too much, although it certainly moved the plot along. What did you think? LavelyShai: *sigh* I am not happy. At all. I know the plot has to move forward, but I seriously disliked this progress. I just can’t see Shin Yool marrying Wookie especially not after all her and So So have been through.

crazy 19.4

akinahana89: Seriously. I thought Wang Wook had finally grown his brain cells back and decided to put his “love” for Shin Yool aside in order to help her and Wang So regarding the Gaebong marriage… Why can’t he give it a rest? How is what he’s doing to Shin Yool any different than what his father did to his first love?

LavelyShai: I understand Wang So and Shin Yool needed to be saved, but I think I’d feel better about this plan IF he hadn’t been so possessive throughout this entire series. Knowing how he thinks, I am actually upset over this since he seemed to think this was the only way to prove the wedding was a fake. Poor Wang So looked so empty; it’s like he’s lost everything in the process of saving his brother. But seeing Wang Wook drink like that, I’m not sure he’s even happy about this.

crazy 19.5

akinahana89: I don't really feel a single tinge of sympathy for Wang Wook, no matter how much he drinks. He shouldn't have used the situation to his own advantage by securing his marriage with Shin Yool. On the other hand, it was really difficult to see Wang So at a complete loss. His quick thinking and flexible nature was just gone. Vanished. I've never seen him so helpless before, not only after the marriage plans, but also during the time he was locked in the palace prison and even when he saw Shin Yool at the great meeting. I never expected him to falter like that.

LavelyShai: I have no sympathy for Wang Wook either, he wanted Shin Yool and used this opportunity to get that. He'll have her, but he won't be happy. He really is doing what his father did to him before, you'd think he wouldn't want anyone to go through that. On the other hand, I'm not sure if she'd be saved had he not done that. Either way, seeing Wang So just look as if he'd lost his entire family was hard to watch. He wasn't his normal self and looked like a shell of a man, I do hope the writer has a plan because I don't think viewers can handle seeing a beaten up Wang So. Their goodbye kiss was so heartbreaking.

crazy 19.8

akinahana89: And that plan had better not involve Shin Yool dying! I'm really worried about that after the physician revealed to Yeo Won that Shin Yool had less than a year left to live. How could they have thrown us all of this angst in one go?! Were they trying to kill us? Oh... Or make us go crazy?


LavelyShai: To be quite honest, I've had this feeling that Shin Yool would die by the finale. Ever since we were shown her past and her saying that she wasn't supposed to live this long, I've been mentally preparing for that moment. I just hope she and Wang So get proper closure if they ever go that route. I also want them to finally reveal to her that her brother is alive.

akinahana89: Yes, I remember you had already mentioned that pretty early on. I suppose I'm the delusional one for wishing they could get their happily ever after for a long, long time. Although I suppose that's why the red wedding veil and jade butterfly pendant in the beginning was carefully stored away in the king's secret room. Like he wanted to see it, but was too afraid to touch it. Speaking of fear, what did you think about the twist that the current king took part in eliminating his brother for the throne?! That was so unexpected!!

crazy 19.3

LavelyShai: IF she's going to die then the wedding gown and pendant were likely placed there by Wang So to remember her by. I only say this because she mentioned holding onto memories when Shin Yool was about to burn it. Oh that new twist that was thrown at us about the current king eliminating his brother from the throne wasn't too shocking since Yeo Won had already said this had happened. I guess it makes it even more real now that we saw what happened. Hearing how Wang Wook and Yeo Won spoke about being raised in the palace, I can't be too surprised that he did that to survive. Essentially, that's what Wang Wook was doing.

akinahana89: This is true, but I still had my doubts about meek and cowardly King Jeongjong having the courage to do something like that. It doesn't seem like he regrets it at all either. I must say though, it's good to have him back. He may not be a worthy opponent for Wang Shik Ryeom, but the king can be very useful for Wang So.

LavelyShai: Knowing he is cowardly, it can be kind of understandable why he did it. TBH He is like Wang Wook in a way, they're both weak and saw working alongside Wang Shik Ryeom as a way to seem more powerful when they're really just puppets. King Jeongjong didn't want to be a puppet anymore and paid that price by being poisoned. Wang Wook wasn't thinking and his fate would have been the same. But despite what the king did to get the throne, his presence is greatly needed for Wang So.


akinahana89: To go up against Wang Shik Ryeom? There's no doubt about that! The way he spins tales and turns everything around to point fingers at someone else is pretty astounding. He can do that so effortlessly in the blink of an eye. Wang So is still going to take him down though. I can't wait for that to happen! With all the heaviness in these two episodes, I'm so glad Yan Gyu Dal was able to liven things up a bit with his testimony. lol

빛나거나 미치거나.E19.150323.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_20150326_130758.718

LavelyShai: It's going to take everyone they know to go up against Wang Shik Ryeom; it's a good thing the Dowager Queen is standing behind Wang So. I loved how she didn't hesitate to support her son, she's become such a great mother to him. Gyu Dal can always be counted on for his comedic timing even if he's trying to be serious.

akinahana89: Hah. Like when he made the comment that even if Shin Yool opened her eyes again, her life wouldn't be worth living? I mean, it was such a serious statement in a serious situation... and yet, I had to hold back a chuckle because he was courageous enough to say it in front of Wang Wook. The look on his face as he took in Gyu Dal's words was pretty satisfying too. Oh, and yes, I definitely love all of the support the queen is giving Wang So. Ah... I remember a time where we both thought she would never warm up to So.

LavelyShai: Yes his statement was pretty bold, but then again that is his sister and seeing her in prison like that would force him to really be courageous. It was satisfying because he knows how strong her feelings for Wang So are and to pretty much tell Wang Wook (a prince!) that her life wouldn't be worth living even if she woke was pretty amazing. He's actually a pretty well written character. I am glad our OTP has so much support especially how with much Dowager Queen has been supporting her son; we really didn't think this would happen.

akinahana89: Yes, there are definitely some really well written characters here, but it's the great acting that really brings those characters to life. At this point though, I'm just not sure if there is a way for Shin Yool to get out of that marriage with Wook... and the thought that she would have to spend the rest of her life with him is so unsettling. Can a King retract his royal order? lol

crazy 19.7

LavelyShai: I don't think Shin Yool will be able to get out of the marriage to Wookie unless he stopped it himself, but not sure what it'll take for him to say no. He's been obsessed with her for a while, so I don't see that happening unless Yeo Won intervenes. To answer your question, a king cannot retract his order. A royal order is almost like the U.S.'s Amendments, none can be taken out and the only way to make one invalid is to add another one (For example, the 18th Amendment made alcohol illegal while the 21st Amendment made it legal again).

akinahana89: Based on that, I don't think the marriage can be stopped even if Yeo Won intervened or if Wang Wook had a miraculous personality change. Even then, there's no reason why Yeo Won would intervene since this situation is exactly what she wants. All I'm saying though... is that I'm going to flip tables if the marriage actually happens. Get on a flight to Korea and flip their tables, actually. lol

LavelyShai: I believe if Wang Wook decides not to go through with it then it can be stopped. However, he'd have to have a legitimate reason to not to go through with it. Like she would have to be found cheating on him or something. It makes me think of the way Choi Young in "Faith" stopped Yoo Eun Soo from marrying his uncle (spoiler: He kissed her). The same can happen here, but I doubt Wang So would do that. Can I join you on your flight if she does marry him? I can bring the pitchforks. lol

crazy 19.6

akinahana89: Are economy seats okay with you? Haha. I have a confession to make. I've never watched "Faith" in full. I took a few glimpses here and there when my parents were watching it, but I can't say I know anything about it past the basic plot. In any case, So definitely won't be able to do that and he wouldn't have it in him to do it either. Not when it puts her life at risk. Oh, what do you think about Wang So having to work under Poong now?

LavelyShai: I'm fine with economy as long as i get to flip tables at the drama department at MBC. lol. "Faith" is one of my top dramas, I recommend it. But yes I agree, I don't think Wang So would be able to do what Choi Young did. He's a prince; Choi Young was a soldier. I have no thoughts about Wang So now working under Poong, essentially that means he'll be under Wang Shik Ryeom. I have no idea what the writer is thinking with this new arc.빛나거나 미치거나.E19.150323.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_20150326_130832.491

akinahana89: At this point, who knows what the writer is thinking? I mean, I certainly didn't think the writer would have thrown us this kind of curve ball so late in the game, so I guess we'll just have to see what happens. I can say that this last twist and how it ends will either make or break "Shine or Go Crazy" for me. I do like the brotherhood between the King and Wang So though and I'm still looking forward to seeing just how Wang Shik Ryeom gets utterly destroyed by So and crew. There are a lot of things I like, even more things that I love, but this week's episodes were just really painful to watch. Both from the realistic portrayal of emotions that simply tugs at the heart and from the horrible twist of events they threw at us.

LavelyShai: I think that's what's nice about this drama, they're highlighting how a family can be stronger & overcome things when they band together. Things may look bad for Wang So now, but him saving his brother will help him out in the long run and he now has his mother by his side. I have no idea what the writer will throw at us next, but we should not be surprised by any twists that come next.

akinahana89: With that being said, let's see where So's journey will take us next week. I'm not sure if I'm dreading or anticipating it.

How did you feel about the sudden turn of events this week? Let us know in the comments!

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