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Heechul, Hara, Bora, Hani Choose Who Has the Worst Fashion Sense at “A Style For You” Press Conference

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On March 25, Soompi was invited to the press conference for the new KBS show "A Style For You," a spin-off from "A Song For You." The four MCs - Super Junior's Heechul, Kara's Goo Hara, SISTAR's Bora, and EXID's Hani - will aim to improve their fashion sense while also giving tips to viewers. The audience will be able to feel a sense of closeness with the MCs as they film themselves during their daily lives. Viewers will be able to see how the hosts are off-stage, and be with them through this journey as they dive into the world of fashion. The press conference starts off by the four stars making their grand entrance on a runway, showing off outfits that they coordinated themselves! At one point, they are forced to pick who among them has the worst fashion sense! Let's take a look! heechul a style for you Super Junior's Heechul sports a flower-patterned suit - something not everyone can pull off! It reflects his unique and humorous personality well, as shown by his bold pose. He's really one-of-a-kind! hara a style for you Kara's Goo Hara looks like a barbie doll with her pop of hot pink! She made a great choice to choose these colors, as it brings out her cute and girly charms. Isn't she just adorable? bora a style for you Sistar's Bora says she is going for a sporty-sexy kind of look! What do you think? It definitely suits her outgoing personality and her level of confidence. Her healthy, glowing skin completes this whole outfit! hani a style for you EXID's Hani purposely chooses a clean, mature kind of style this day because she wants to avoid leaving a supposedly silly impression all the time. She looks lovely in the light-pink and does a good job trying out a different style, that is, until she breaks out into her "Up and Down" dance~ I guess her fun and lively personality can't be tamed! hani a style for you 2 Shortly after she breaks out dancing, she returns back to being quiet and neat. She gives our camera a look! hani bora hara heecul a style for you 2 After the photo session, the four MCs take a seat and answer some questions that the press might have. heechul a style for you 3 Heechul listens carefully as the producer explains the contents of the show. heechul a style for you 2 The host of the press conference asks the four MCs to pick the person with the worst fashion sense among them and suddenly Heechul seems nervous! So many flowers on that suit haha.. hani a style for you 3 Hani gets to answer first and picks Heechul without hesitation. She can't help bursting into laughter! bora a style for you 3 Bora is next and.... she picks Heechul too! hara a style for you 4 It's Goo Hara's turn! By the looks of her smile, you can guess who she picked, right? Yup~ it's Heechul again! bora a style for you Bora makes eye-contact with us. The white looks amazing on her! hara a style for you 3 Hara also spots the camera! hara a style for you 2 What a cute gesture~ Her smile is so lovely! hani bora hara heechul a style for you 3 As the press conference comes to an end, the four of them were challenged to see who knows the world of fashion the most! They were quizzed on fashion vocabulary - the first one they all got right! As the quiz went on, it got more and more difficult but they justified saying that not knowing certain fashion vocab does not mean they lack in fashion sense. As confident as they seem, I am very excited to see how this show will turn out! Tune into KBS2TV on April 5, at 11 p.m KST for the first broadcast of "A Style For You"!

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