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Soul Shop Alleges Kil Gun Threatened Kim Tae Woo with Suicide in Official Statement

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Soul Shop Entertainment has responded to the controversy surrounding singer Kil Gun’s contract dispute with the agency. On March 24, Soul Shop Entertainment released an official statement claiming, “Kil Gun has distorted the truth by making it seem like she was unjustly restricted from activities. We have applied for a temporary injunction on [Kil Gun’s] activities and have filed a criminal complaint against netizens who have been spreading malicious and false rumors. “At the time of the contract, we issued to Kil Gun a contract deposit of 20 million won (approximately $18,100 USD), a dignity maintenance stipend of 10 million won (approximately $9,000 USD), and an advance payment of 12,150,000 won (approximately $11,000 USD) for a total of 42,150,000 won (approximately $38,100 USD). “In order to develop her as an artist, we provided Kil Gun with vocal, dance, and foreign language lessons but contrary to our expectations, Kil Gun did not have an earnest rehearsal attitude,” the label claimed. On why Kil Gun’s album was not released, Soul Shop Entertainment alleged, “Due to her insufficient qualifications as a singer, the release of the album was delayed,” mentioning Kil Gun’s lack of preparation and bad attitude at an audition for the musical “All Shook Up, “She didn’t show even the basic qualifications of a singer at the public audition, damaging the reputation of the label.” The company also alleged that Kil Gun threatened the company on multiple instances, “Kim Tae Woo proposed to Kil Gun that they release her album in March 2015, but Kil Gun demanded that he take out a loan to pay her 3 million won (approximately $2,700 USD) every month. When Kim Tae Woo denied her request, Kil Gun caused a commotion shouting and cursing at him. "Kil Gun threatened the company several times, saying that she has two methods for ruining the company, committing suicide at the company by taking medicine or committing suicide and mentioning Soul Shop in her suicide note,” the statement alleged,  “We could not accept any longer these kinds of behaviors by Kil Gun, and we concluded that having Kil Gun in the label would be very difficult.” Last year, Kil Gun filed a request for an injunction on her contract with Soul Shop Entertainment, claiming that she had no music releases or schedules for the year and four months she was with the agency. Megan Lee filed a similar lawsuit against the agency, and her exclusive contract was recently nullified. See also: Kil Gun Releases Official Statement about Contract Dispute with Soul Shop Entertainment Megan Lee Reveals Reasons for Soul Shop Lawsuit, Claims She Was Verbally Abused by Kim Tae Woo’s Wife Source (1) (2)

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