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Woman Crush Wednesday: March's Mystery Reveal

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I feel a bit sad that this month's Mystery Reveal only hailed two nominations: Park Shin Hye's Choi In Ha from "Pinocchio" and Song Ji Hyo's Oh Jin Hee from "Emergency Couple." Still, both of these are great nominees, but, as always, there can only be one mystery Woman Crush Wednesday for March! So, who is it? Drum roll, please! WCW_Mystery_01 It's... Oh Jin Hee! WCW_Mystery_02 Portrayed by Song Ji Hyo, this lovely and amazing woman in the hilarious yet heartwarming drama, "Emergency Couple," finally joins our list of Woman Crush Wednesdays. Why? Here's five reasons out of many! (Spoilers ahead.)

1. She can move even the (seemingly) coldest of hearts.

WCW_Mystery_Hearts There's a reason why Gook Chun Soo is referred to as "the Devil," but Oh Jin Hee just has that special something to melt away the thick layers of ice that protects his heart. Just by being herself, complete with her tendency to be clumsy and forgetful while making mistakes left and right, she still manages to capture his attention... and his heart. "Emergency Couple" gave me a serious case of Second Lead Syndrome, so it was quite unfortunate, for me, that he never got his woman crush! Bummer.

2. Oh Jin Hee knows how to stick up for herself.

WCW_Mystery_Defend She also has no qualms about cursing like a sailor, throwing a temper tantrum, yelling in people's faces, being strong in the face of difficulties, and defending her loved ones. That's not all there is to her though as she also possesses a kind, gentle heart that easily moves people. Oh Jin Hee is secretly vulnerable and puts others before herself most of the time, but it makes no difference when it comes to self defense. Despite her flaws, she's an incredibly well-rounded and lovely woman. Enough said!

3. She has a lot of determination.

WCW_Mystery_Determination No matter what it is she's after, she doesn't give up. Well, other than that short-lived marriage, but after that disaster, I definitely didn't blame her! Still, Oh Jin Hee never lets her failures hinder her and she refuses to give up, regardless of what other people say about her and how they treat her. She's determined to go out and prove something to the world that she's worth something... and she is! Oh Jin Hee is an absolute treasure.

4. She's pretty clever.

WCW_Mystery_Clever Her nickname around the hospital might be "Big Rock," but Oh Jin Hee definitely has her moments of genius as well. Never mind the complicated stuff that'll make anyone break a sweat, like successfully performing a tracheotomy for the first time inside an elevator, because that's clearly another level altogether. I'm referring more to the instances where Oh Jin Hee uses her stethoscope as a makeshift hearing aid for an elderly patient or how she's so empathetic and intuitive towards the people around her.

5. Oh Jin Hee is not ashamed of her past.

WCW_Mystery_Past So what if she's a divorcee? So what if she's made mistakes in her life? So what if it took her a long time to get to where she is in life? Oh Jin Hee is not ashamed of that, so why should anyone else be for her? Take that, judgmental people! Hehe. I loved the moment where she stood up for the divorcees of Korea (and the world) before boldly revealing her own divorce without a hint of fear. It was confident with just a touch of matter-of-fact sass. Talk about shocking an entire table into silence... lol. Soompiers, what did you think of Oh Jin Hee? Who would you like to nominate as the next Woman Crush Wednesday? And... I simply have to ask - were you a fan of the Oh Jin Hee x Oh Chang Min couple... or the Oh Jin Hee x Gook Chun Soo pairing that never was? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! For the complete list of all Woman Crush Wednesdays, please click here.

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