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Video: Lovelyz Brings the Aegyo to "After School Club"

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Only 4 months after their debut, Lovelyz is proving that they are already seasoned K-pop veterans by taking on "After School Club" (ASC) and meeting their international fans. With hosts Eric Nam and Jimin, the group is made to feel right at home and are finally given a chance to dish on their off-screen personalities, show off their talents, and compete with the MCs in contests of derp! Here are our top 5 moments from the episode and at the bottom you can catch the whole episode on SoompiTV:

1. The group proves that they are always lovely... asc-lovelyz-annyeong-hand

Their pose is the "Hi~" wave dance from their current song. Look how happy they are! They also made Eric Nam fanboy them.

2. We get more ladies dancing to boy group songs!

asc-lovelyz-dance-prettyasc-lovelyz-pretty-dance-2Mijoo and Sujeong take on INFINITE-H's "Pretty," as payback for when INFINITE-H danced to "Candy Jelly Love!"

3. The members are asked to introduce some hidden talents and it's magical.

asc-lovelyz-kei-singingasc-lovelyz-babysoul-rappingKei performs Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You" and Babysoul shows her swag with a cover of Yoon Mirae's "Baby Bye Bye!"

4. Did you know that Lovelyz are amazing acappella singers?

asc-lovelyz-acapella-performance They perform two songs flawlessly and remind us that they are definitely a vocal group. Just let them be the music to your ears, please.

5. A great corner called "Beat The MCs" thats sole purpose is "derp." asc-lovelyz-erics-talentsasc-lovelyz-jimins-talents

Those are the "hidden" talents of the two MCs and each member of Lovelyz must choose one skill and compete against the MC. Please note that all of Eric's skills are derpy and one of Jimin's skills is literally derp face. Hilarity ensues.

You can catch it in all of it's derp now:

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