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"Infinity Challenge": Female K-Pop Idol Version

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Last week, I proposed a male K-pop idol version of "Infinity Challenge" in honor of their ongoing search for the sixth man. It's only fair that since the search is still going on, this week, a female K-pop idol version is proposed. So, without further ado!

Yoo Jae Suk = Girls' Generation's YoonA

IC female 1 In the comments of the last article,  a lot of people suggested Lee Seung Gi as Yoo Jae Suk's alternative. It helped me think of Girls' Generation's YoonA while I was thinking up this female version of the team. This power couple is not only super attractive, but super talented - not only as singers, but also as MCs. YoonA has proven her ability for variety shows through various appearances, receiving more love for a side of her that you wouldn't expect from an image like hers. She's funny, outgoing, and has plenty of experience as an MC. She could lead a team of girls to 10 years of fame with comedy and class.

Park Myung Soo = SISTAR's Hyorin

IC female 2 Not the easiest person to find the female k-pop idol equivalent of, but SISTAR's Hyorin fits Park Myung Soo's image well. Park Myung Soo is famous despite his awful temper for a reason: he's funny, blunt, and refreshingly honest. Hyorin is all of that in the most charming way. It's all in her laugh.

HaHa = Kim Yewon

IC female 3Kim Yewon is another growing star in the variety field. She is popular for being honest, funny, and basically herself. "Herself" just happens to be cute and lovable, hardworking, and always willing to give 100%. She's also naturally childish, youthful, and full of energy - just like HaHa.

Jung Hyung Don = 4Minute's HyunA

IC female 4 When I described Jung Hyung Don and his equivalent BIGBANG's Daesung in the last article, they were essentially summed up in one word: silly. So who best fits that description in the female K-pop idol world? My best bet: 4Minute's HyunA. Despite her sexy image on stage, HyunA is a totally different person on variety shows. She's not afraid to be herself, which most of the time is... silly. Wonderfully silly.

Jung Joon Ha = A Pink's Bomi

IC female 5A Pink's Bomi has shown great activity in variety shows, especially on "Weekly Idol." She's energetic, subtly funny at times, and not afraid to be outright funny at other times. Ultimately though, this member spot comes down to one thing: Bomi loves to eat. Jung Joon Ha loves to eat. End of story. (And I genuinely say that with the utmost respect and love for both of these people.)

Sixth Woman = KARA's Heo Young Ji

IC female 6 (As I casually ship JackJi) I have to give the sixth woman spot to Kara's new member Heo Young Ji. Heo Young Ji has also shown incredible potential and fame by being on "Roommate," the same show GOT7's Jackson has grown on. She is young, bright, energetic, cheerful, and has a natural four-dimensional personality to her that matches perfectly with Jackson's. And as I said in the last article, what would an idol show be without a 4D member? And that's it! "Infinity Challenge": Female K-Pop Idol version. I'm guilty of knowing less about female idols than male idols in variety shows, so feel free to suggest others who would fit better in the comments below! [tv]Watch the current members of Infinity Challenge continue their search for their sixth man on SoompiTV![/tv] See also: “Infinity Challenge”: Male K-Pop Idol Version

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