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Highlights: "Heard It Through the Grapevine" Episode 9

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Jin Young is turning 100 days old, which means it’s time for a party on “Heard It Through the Grapevine!" Of course, if we’ve learned anything so far, it’s that any party hosted by Jung Ho (Yoo Joon Sang) and Yeon Hee (Yoo Ho Jeong) probably won’t be very fun. But this is a very fun episode nonetheless, mostly thanks to the unwavering spirits of Bom (Go Ah Sung) and In Sang (Lee Joon). These were my five favorite scenes of “Heard It Through the Grapevine” episode 9:

1. “An unjust law is no law at all.”

This is how Bom and In Sang start their days: by waking up very early, getting dressed, reciting this idealistic quote, and high-fiving before leaving their room. Goodness, they’re adorable! heard it through the grapevine quote finalheard it through the grapevine go ah sung lee joon final

2. An argument about Machiavelli before breakfast

I don’t know about you, but I generally prefer to leave my arguments about the morality of controlling an unruly and possibly ignorant populace until after breakfast. There is no such luck, alas, for Bom and In Sang, who have to discuss “The Prince” with Jung Ho on an empty stomach. It’s sort of wonderful, though—they both insist on expressing their compassionate, humanist worldview to the thoroughly disapproving Jung Ho, and they refuse to back down. The strength they display here—they’re firm in their opinions, but never rude—is wonderful (it doesn’t hurt that their opinions give Jung Ho apoplexy!). heard it through the grapevine yoo joon sang finalheard it through the grapevine go ah sung lee joon 2 final

3. In Sang and Bom’s life plan

I was so glad that we got to see In Sang interacting with his friends in this episode. It’s fascinating to see just how distant he is from them by now. It makes sense—yes, he’s still in high school, but he’s now a husband and a father, and as such he has to live his life thinking of the future. It’s natural that this would result in his friends, who spend most of their spare time playing video games, not being able to understand him. It’s also great to see that building their “life plan” is something that Bom and In Sang enjoy doing. They like imagining and planning for their future life together. And it’s telling that their current life plan appears to involve moving (with Jin Young) to the US and studying at Harvard. In addition to the pleasures and academic benefits studying abroad would bring, I think Bom and In Sang are just eager to get away from Jung Ho and Yeon Hee—after all, Cambridge, Massachusetts is about as far as it’s possible to get from Seoul. Honestly, I hope they succeed. I hope they get to spend at least part of Jin Young’s childhood on their own, even if it’s in a foreign country. heard it through the grapevine go ah sung lee joon 3 finalheard it through the grapevine go ah sung lee joon 4 final

4. Bom’s new-clothes montage

I enjoyed this scene, but I don’t think Bom did. Not that I can blame her. She’s trying on clothes meant for her, but the only opinion that matters is Yeon Hee’s. The only time Bom’s presence is even acknowledged is when Yeon Hee gestures for her to turn around—though given the heels Bom's wearing, she more totters than turns. To make matters worse, Yeon Hee is apparently determined to have her teenaged daughter-in-law dressing like a very serious middle-aged woman (seriously, those dresses were gorgeous but Yeon Hee’s favorites were way too old for Bom!). heard it through the grapevine go ah sung finalheard it through the grapevine go ah sung 2 finalheard it through the grapevine go ah sung 3 finalheard it through the grapevine go ah sung 4 finalheard it through the grapevine yoo ho jeong final

5. Bom thanks her teacher

Awww. In the viper-pit that is the Han household, I am eternally grateful that Bom has real allies, people who either care about her, believe in her, or both. The law tutor may not have as warm a personality as the housekeeper, but he still singlehandedly elevated Bom’s status in the house, and he clearly thinks she has a lot of potential. I find Bom’s genuine gratitude, and the tutor’s confidence in her abilities, incredibly touching. heard it through the grapevine go ah sung 5 finalheard it through the grapevine teacher final What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you like the dresses Yeon Hee picked for Bom more than I did? Let us know in the comments below! For all “Heard It Through the Grapevine” recaps, click here. [tv] Catch up with Heard It Through the Grapevine on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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