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"We Got Married" Ep. 264 - Bare Faces and Final Decisions

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This was a very exciting week for "We Got Married," as the two other couples went on their dates and the new final couples were determined by selection. Many viewers may argue about the new style and structure of the show, but after all these years, I believe there needs to be some acknowledgement to the show for trying to do something new and different. There were some unexpected moments in this week's episode, but once again the show was full of laughter and entertainment. It's always exciting when there are new faces on a show like this because as a viewer, you enjoy seeing so much of their character come to play not only as an individual, but also as someone living out the married life. It will definitely be exciting to see more of the couples and how their relationship grows in the next several months. Let's go into some of my favorite moments from this week's episode!

1) Play Time Before Bed Time

*Just a disclaimer: Our SoRim couple's segment was fairly short this week because of the dates and final pairings of the new couples. But it was nonetheless still a good segment! js1js2js3 After their fun filled night of karaoke and dancing, our amazing Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun couple got ready for bed. They tied each other's hair and stood in front of the mirror, brushing their teeth and washing their faces. I love watching couples end the day together because you get to see how vulnerable and comfortable they are with one another because they have to show their natural faces, without make-up. I love this couple because from the beginning, they weren't afraid to show their bare faces with one another. As they washed up, they shared some subtle skinship and some pretty cute moments. They had some fun before they went to sleep. Jae Rim offered to give So Eun a head massage as he brushed her hair and he ended up even braiding her hair for her as well. So Eun was impressed and satisfied. So Eun taught Jae Rim the stretching exercises she does before going to sleep and I think he kind of struggled. But luckily he had a tough instructor to help him become more flexible! And of course, Jae Rim couldn't just simply stretch. As they continued on, he not only brought out his quirky and witty side, but he attacked her with his legs and started doing wrestling moves on her. They always seem to create wrestling arenas on their bed. Jae Rim pulled So Eun and wrapped his legs around her, but So Eun fought for herself by poking him with the back of a pointy comb. They were ready for round 2, but then I think both got tired all of sudden. Jae Rim said he would massage her back and shoulders, but it looked more like he was pulling a wrestling move on her. So Eun did the same to Jae Rim, but she ended up going in to tickle him. Jae Rim fidgeted and explained that he usually is not ticklish, but for some reason when So Eun tickled him, he couldn't handle it. He told So Eun that it's because they have electricity between them. Here we go with the cringe-worthy statements. I was wondering where they had gone! js4js5js6js7 So Eun told Jae Rim to lie down on the bed so that she could give him a facial. Jae Rim quickly refused, recalling the last time she gave him a facial and a secret manicure. He was very hesitant, but gave in when she said it was a cucumber facial. He laid his head on her knee and she started placing the cucumbers on his face. When his eyes were covered, she made a puckered sound and pressed her two fingers against his lips. But Jae Rim didn't believe her because he thought she wasn't flexible enough to come down that far. But she proved to him that she could. She tried it a second time by going closer to his face, but he still didn't fall for it. Then finally, she really kissed him on the forehead and Jae Rim removed one of the cucumbers from his eye and just stared at her, speechless. He asked her if she kissed him and she denied it, telling him it was her finger again. But he knew. He said in his interview that all the cucumbers on his face were cold, but that one part she kissed was warm... js8js9js10js11js12

2) Reunited? - Henry & Gong Seung Yeon

meeting Wow, so here is something that I never saw coming. Henry and Jong Hyun escorted their dates to a new location so that they could switch partners for their second date. Both couples didn't want to switch dates and didn't even want to meet their competition, but they ended up getting out of their cars to meet all together. As they exchanged greetings and handshakes, Gong Seung Yeon said "Oppa, hello" formally to Henry, causing everyone to wonder how they knew each other. Turns out, they have known each other for over 10 years because they were trainees together. Everyone, including Henry and Seung Yeon, was so surprised that they knew one another. They definitely had a different vibe and energy than the Henry-Yewon and Jong Hyun-Seung Yeon pairing from earlier. These two were so comfortable with one another, so comfortable that they started talking about farting pretty much right as they got in the car. It was also revealed that Henry used to call Seung Yeon "Pretty Gollum" (from Lord of the Rings) because her eyes are so light. They went to eat at a nice restaurant, next to the river and with a nice view. hs1hs2 The comfortable feelings continued as Henry brought up the fact that Seung Yeon used to sweat a lot during her trainee days and he even chugged his water and burped out loud in front of her. He had no shame because he knew she had seen all of that before anyways. They were both much more nervous around their previous dates, but were still nervous and awkward because they hadn't seen each other in a long time. But Henry told her that she got really pretty. They continued their conversations about the past and talked about what married life together might be like. Henry is a real gentleman because he even cut her steak for her and told her that when he gets married, his wife will be the center of his life and everything will flow around her and everything he does will be for her. Henry played the piano for her and you could tell that both of them kind of saw one another as more than just an old friend. You could see it, especially in Seung Yeon's eyes. hs3hs4hs6hs7hs8 Henry asked her to dance one of her old routines for him. But now that it had been several years, her style of dancing didn't match her actress image, so Henry tried to make her look like rapper 2pac by putting a "napkin bandana" on her head. Henry later told her that for the first time, he saw her not as a "Gollum" dongseng, who sweats, but as a woman. And Seung Yeon told him that as they came on this nice date, she saw him as a man as well. hs9hs10hs11

3) Let's Get Physical? - Jong Hyun & Yewon

jy1jy2 Jong Hyun and Yewon had pretty natural and fun conversations as they started driving to their date location. They ended up at a judo gym, which made both of them laugh. I guess they are going to bond and get to know each other while fighting on the mats. They both changed into uniform and when Yewon came out, she was so shocked at her appearance. Jong Hyun came in close to fix the belt around her waist and the bottom of her pants, to which Park Mi Sun responded, "So this is why they are doing judo..." In her interview, Yewon said that she couldn't do anything, but that Jong Hyun did everything for her. She said that even though he is a year younger, he didn't feel like it at all, but instead he really felt like an older guy to her. They started stretching and running laps around the gym. Jong Hyun showed her how to tumble and do all these cool flips, but Yewon was sort of struggling even with the basics, so Jong Hyun did his best to teach and help her. Yewon felt awkward and uncomfortable talking formally, so she asked him if they could talk casually. Jong Hyun revealed in his interview that he has a hard time talking informally to the people around him and that it is almost a habit. But they decided that if Jong Hyun couldn't make Yewon fall while using just one foot in under one minute, he would talk casually with her. Yewon won this one! So he agreed to talking informally, but he asked her what he should call her. She gave him four options: Yewon noona (older sister for guys), Yewon, You, and Yewon Unni (older sister for girls), but the last one was a joke. He decided to call her Yewon noona, and the studio audience all shook their heads in disappointment because they wanted him to show his masculinity in the relationship. But things definitely became a lot more comfortable and casual when they changed the way they talked to one another. Jong Hyun lifted her up and tossed her to the mat and Yewon thought this was so much fun. So Jong Hyun became a human ride for the next few minutes. jy3jy5jy6jy7jy8 After their judo date, they went to a coffee shop to get some coffee and food. They both agreed that because they exercised and did judo on their first date, it definitely helped them get closer in their relationship. The two just laughed and talked about typical first date things. Jong Hyun asked Yewon what her ideal type was and how her previous date went. Jong Hyun wished that they could've talked more instead of exercising for the majority of the two hours. But they were thankful that they became close quickly and that they were able to talk comfortably too, especially since talking informally is usually pretty challenging for Jong Hyun. As they continued the conversation, the timer went off, so they had to end their date. It is finally decision time! jy9jy10

The Final Decision

The final couple could only continue on with married life if both people had the same feelings and if the girl accepted the marriage invitation. I think the sad part is that the guys would have to go past Yewon if they picked Seung Yeon, instead of having the girls in two opposite directions, which I thought was kind of cruel. The reason why viewers were against this new idea of the guys picking the girls was because people were afraid that someone might not get chosen. But I think because some parts of the show are somewhat scripted, the production team probably had to plan this out pretty well, for it to not be awkward or controversial. So the time had come for everyone to make their final decisions! Jong Hyun was the first one to decide and he approached Yewon and told her that they should just meet at a couples' retreat or meeting next time. He then moved on to choose Seung Yeon. Henry went to make his decision and he approached Yewon. But instead of proposing, he asked her if she still had his phone, which he put in her purse earlier that day. When she said it was still in her purse, he just walked past her and moved on to Seung Yeon, leaving Yewon completely confused and speechless. Jong Hyun hoped Henry didn't come, but he came to Seung Yeon too. After sighing and watching the two, he went in closer, as Jong Hyun was hyperventilating and freaking out. Henry then just talked about how pretty the aquarium was and left, causing everyone to go crazy. Yewon was just standing there so dumbfounded and she threw the mission card, while Henry was sneaking up behind her. He said he wanted to prank her because when he liked someone, he didn't really come out and say it out loud. The girls had to write on a card earlier who they wanted for their husband and all the feelings were mutual! The guys were just full of smiles! Congratulations to our newest couples! sjfinalhyfinal Comment below and tell me what your favorite moment was from this week's episode! bubblybribri is a Soompi feature writer who still loves the SoRim couple, but is also looking forward to the new couples on "We Got Married." She also enjoys K-POP STAR and is looking forward to iKON's debut! You can connect/follow her on Twitter and ask her any of your questions about anything Korean entertainment! [tv]Watch the final couple decisions on We Got Married on SoompiTV![/tv] For more "We Got Married" recaps by bubblybribri, click here.

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