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"Get It Beauty" Tips: A Sister Special

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They laugh together, they cry together, they fight, and sometimes borrow each other’s clothes. Sisters are the focus of this episode of “Get It Beauty!” Even Lee Ha Nui’s sister Lee Seul Gi and Soyu’s sister-like best friend Nicole join the hosts to celebrate this! Check out some of the tips that the Better Girl’s showed off below!

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Sister Mask Recipe

recipe_getitbeauty Seaweed is known for removing toxins and its whitening effects, so a pair of sisters show their recipe for a great calming mask!
  1. Soak some kelp for 15-20 minutes, but don’t discard the water!
  2. Add one teaspoon of milk.
  3. Add one teaspoon of flour.
  4. Blend it a mixer!
Nicole also adds a tip of her own! Used green tea bags work wonders on swollen areas of the face, and are much more effective than cold spoons.

Sister Exercise Tips

exercise_getitbeauty Two sets of sisters come down to join the hosts to show everyone their favorite workouts to do, especially together! chunsongyi_getitbeauty The first set of sisters showed off their easy “Chun Song Yi” workout! All it takes is lifting up and shaking your limbs while laying down! Do this for a minute or so with 5 repetitions. plank_getitbeauty The trio also demonstrate a plank where you lie on your stomach and then lift yourself up onto your forearms and toes and hold. However, Soyou brings up an important point that you should be conscious of while doing a plank. Make sure to keep your behind tight and pull in your stomach at the same time. If you don’t do this, you could hurt your back! Next, the “Inspector” Sisters showed off a bunch of great workouts for the belly, behind, and legs! curlup_getitbeauty For the first belly workout, clasp your hands and go straight up, putting your strength in your abdomen, and stop when your fists come in between your legs. Repeat 10 times. leglift_getitbeauty When you complete the first, go directly into the second with leg lifts! Use your abs to control your legs, and don’t let them hit the ground. Repeat 10 times. airplane_getitbeauty Next, do the “airplane” workout by balancing on your behind, curling up with your legs against your chest, then move out with arms out like and airplane. Keep note that you should still be balancing on your behind—don’t let your legs or back touch the ground! Also repeat 10 times. squatjump_getitbeauty Now to the workouts for a tight behind! First, do a jump squat by squatting low and then jumping straight up. Make sure you push out your behind so you can feel that tension. Repeat 10 times. legexercise1_getitbeauty For the first leg workout, pull in your knee and then, moving in an arch, bring it straight up. Repeat 10 times. legexercise2_getitbeauty Go directly into the next workout by doing leg lifts. Keep your leg straight and bring it up and down 10 times. Try to avoid letting your toes hit the ground, but a light tap is okay! legexercise3_getitbeauty Once again go directly into the next workout. This time, bend your leg at the knee and repeat the same movement you just did. Repeat 10 times. If you have a sister, are there things that you do together? Beauty? Workouts? Share below! [tv]Check out the full episode of Get It Beauty on SoompiTV![/tv] For all “Get It Beauty” tips, click here.

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