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f(x)'s Sulli Comes Out of Hiatus for Mature and Sexy High Cut Pictorial

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Will Sulli be resuming her entertainment activities? In the March 19 issue of star style magazine High Cut, Sulli came out of her hiatus to show off a mature style that was rarely seen from her before, with emphasized lip makeup. The magazine says, "Sulli made the pictorial into something like a movie, perfecting the story with emotional expressions." sulli 2 Sulli's work with High Cut allows fans to see her change in style, and it also allows them to wonder whether Sulli will return to her activities as a singer and actress. She had suddenly announced a break from all entertainment activities in July of 2014, and at the time, SM Entertainment said, "Sulli is very physically and mentally tired because of malicious comments and untrue rumors, and has expressed to us that she would like a break from entertainment activities for a while." They then added, "After careful consideration and discussion, we decided to respect her wishes as well as minimize her activities in order to protect the artist as much as possible, and she will be taking a rest for a while." Afterwards, Sulli completely ceased all activities as a singer as part of her idol girl group f(x), and only worked in promoting her movie, "Fashion King." She later attended the CoEx Artium opening in January, accompanying her bandmate Luna. Afterwards, Sulli also appeared at fashion-related events. Do you think Sulli's High Cut pictorial means that she'll soon make a comeback to the entertainment scene?

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