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Airport Fashion: Ji Chang Wook Turns Heads at Incheon Wearing Dolce and Gabbana

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Ji Chang Wook headed to Shanghai on March 19 to attend the Dolce and Gabbana VIP event to be held at their flagship store. His departure from Incheon International Airport was greeted by hundreds of fans, who could not get enough of the sight of their favorite actor decked out in the latest designer gear. Ji Chang Wook dressed appropriately for his trip, looking positively dashing in the black matador bomber jacket and matching sweater with embroidered trim from Dolce and Gabbana. He accessorized with a baseball cap, sneakers, and a clover key pendant from Tiffany and Co. Despite the hordes of fans, Ji Chang Wook kept his cool and appeared pleasant and friendly as he made his way into and through the airport. jcwji-chang-wook-2ji-chang-wook-5ji-chang-wook-4ji-chang-wook-1ji-chang-wook-3ji-chang-wook-airport-2ji-chang-wook-airport (What would you give to be standing next to Ji Chang Wook on the escalator?) 51003M030009_1tiffany-and-co-key-necklace-2 Unfortunately, it seemed like the fan craze must have been too much, as Ji Chang Wook was forced to cancel his appearance in Shanghai that evening due to safety concerns. He took a series of selfies of himself wearing a Dolce and Gabbana spotted red suit and apologized for his inability to attend. photo576338Photo credits to fan sites: AOne, weibo 2157807540, Naver 김개

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