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Jun Ji Hyun: "Chun Song Yi Was a Difficult Character to Play"

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The April issue of Elle sees Jun Ji Hyun bare a little bit of herself and her view on acting.

In addition to the stunning photo shoot, she sits down with the magazine and dishes on some of her past and present works. Jun Ji Hyun just wrapped up filming for the film “The Assassination,” which is her second film with director Choi Dong Hoon, who also directed “The Berlin File” (2013). “I’m playing Ahn Ok Yoon, who is the head of a hit team and a top sniper for the freedom fighters. While there was a lot of pressure to do well, I did my best to stay calm and composed,” says the actress.

 jun ji hyun elle april 2015 -1

Regarding her most recent TV character, Chun Song Yi from “My Love from the Stars,” Jun Ji Hyun says that it was a difficult character for her. “While I was playing Chun Song Yi, even as there was a consistent enthusiastic vibe from her, I felt a pressure to show a different something by the end [of the drama]. I even felt like I needed to do at least one funny thing per episode,” Jun Ji Hyun says.

She’s more at ease and comfortable with her roles in “The Assassination” and “The Berlin File,” says the actress, rather than a role like Chun Song Yi. “Acting as someone who is nothing like myself makes me really feel like I’m acting. Of course, it’s not good if the role ends up looking unnatural, but that’s the most comfortable for me.”

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Jun Ji Hyun closes, saying, “I’ve never once thought that I was special. If you think like that, you’re bound to end up lonely. So I tried not to get caught in those types of mindsets, and the same goes for me now,” and, “I’m not afraid of get older and getting wrinkles. It’s possible that I could be doing more things than I am now; it’s something you just don’t know.”

The full interview and pictorial with Jun Ji Hyun can be found in the April issue of Elle.

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jun ji hyun elle

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