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The Official Chae Yeon (채연) Thread

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Hello everyone.Maybe it's late but i come here after watch X-man and Love letter from a month ago. Because of that, i am impression with some korean singer/idol 1-2 generations( i never hear/like anything from kpop as BTS,bigbang ... althought they appear more and most).Chae Yeon is my one of favorite character.She is always funny,keep the smile and make everyone happy too.I am impression when she dance for Jong kook ( specially on Xman episode 47/48 ).Then i try to find more her song ( same as Kim Jong kook who is best korea singer at this time and one of best korea singer i thinked ).I surprise when i hear Two of us , dangerous direct , only you...I wonder why i never hear about her on my country ( i am from Vietnam ) but i hear abour Lee Hyori,SNSD...First time i hear Lee Hyori music,i know exactly it's imitite style US.I'm sorry but i don't wonder/suprise when Lee Hyori has scandal fake music.Because she exactly is a copy-er,not has own style.I think maybe she come from a big company with is all most suppot by the media ( if i don't miss wrong,Hyori is from Mnet media ) and crazy fan.But now, we can see her music is dead , never appear on stage and " Two of us " still alive.Chae Yeon never ask her fan help anything or same.She  keep effort,hear the advise from expert and fan,don't change by trending,focus on music and keep her style.Her music always good more than music idol now,better and better ,with upgrade her sing , control stage well.We can see it same on Kyote band.Not as Kim Jong Kook , he is back at 2008 but when he see his music is not against to trending at this time, he give up and focus on variety show.At korea , we can see have big 3 companys (YG , SM , JYJ )  and they control media,broadcast,news.I am tired when see kpop idol appear on Running man.They look as doll,only show their face, can't do something as Xman,Love letter.Running man now is a poor program with poor game.Members never "run" and action, all they can do is chat , tease and repeat it.But Running man still have more loyal fan at another country , is best choice for idol/actor when have a new product.They give many time for introduce this.Back to Kim Joong Kook, I am sorry but all his album/music now can't compare with stage 2004-2006 or Turbo.It's poor music,change style sing and make me tired.It's not king of ballad song i know.So , i think Jong kook now is very/more famous but still is not prefect singer.Jong Kook has one of best voice but he focus more on variety show, he don't have amout of good solo album as another legend singer.It's why i like Chae Yeon , Kyote band , who always focus about sing and give new album.Chae Yeon now is older, can't pretty as 2005-2006 on xman , love letter but i think no need this, she will success more on future as when she go to china with her talent.
Keep try hard and success more Chae Yeon !!! Always smile and happies.We cheer and hope more from you.
It's my opinion and sorry if make you bored or annoy.
I am sorry if it's long and my english is not good.I always enjoy and like if you want discuss/share information about Xman, Love Letter..etc.Good luck and have fun.

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