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The Official Chae Yeon (채연) Thread

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Guest ponkie

My Love performance was hot!

I like the outfits she wore on both songs. My Love is actually pretty catchy.. do I hear some salsa -ish in the song? I dunno. It does make me wanna salsa.

..oh wait, it's SAMBA. :sweatingbullets:

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Guest kayem7289

I'm in love with My Love now, it's stuck in my head and it won't get out! *Need to do French homework*

I just watched her comeback special and it was pretty good, not really explosive or anything, but it was still really good, especially her My Love performance.

I still wish I knew where to download the music video...

EDIT: Never mind, I finally joined the international forum and I got it, but too bad it's in realplayer format :/...It's still nice to have it now though :).

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Guest <3goesDOKIDOKI

watched her comeback + her new mv...

i have to say her comeback was lackluster.

the first song, "favor", her outfit was ugly.

and her dancing seemed to lack energy, it was like she was tired!

her title song "my love" reminds me of vietnamese songs

i dont even listen to vietnamese music but thats what it reminded me of lol.

and the mv was ok.. i just thought it didn't suit the song.

i would've imagined a more colorful mv with all these tropical island elements haha

but i have to say chaeyeon is looking fantasticcc

she looks hot with her new look

i hope she'll keep improving

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Guest s3imaDen

uhm... the comeback performance.. i like her 2nd performance more.. heheheh :D

now.. i wan the HQ version for the MV!!! heheheeheh :D

she looks awesome when she performed my love :D


she posted new pics in her cy.



credits to: her cy & ee and 南宫 from baidu too~~~~

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Guest energywen

^ thanks..hhahas

those are screen capp-ed by EE isit? -0-"

she ytd too busy to cap it nicely...those pics looked...blur...

hohohoho...thanks anyway

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Hey the video clip is out!!!! :D :D

you can watch it at youtube here ------> CHAE YEON - MY LOVE MV (it has chinese subs...but whatever)

all i have to say is that she looks awesome, beautiful..and way more skinny!!!! I cant wait to be able to download the MV in raw. :P

Now i cant stop watching it, she's gorgeous in the black flowered dress (i dont know even if its black or with flowers, the dress where is she alone dancing nest to the car)..woo, and the kiss....like someone said before, that is absolutely not her first kiss...

fightiiiing CY!

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Guest kayem7289

Again, I also have the MV uploaded into my YT, too ^-^!

My Love

It took me a pretty long time to convert it, but I finally got it into an avi and mpg file, 60 mb and then the other is 36, respectively. If you'd rather have the mpg instead of the rm video, pm me and I'll upload it for ya. I love her last dress the most, it just looks so nice on her...*Jealous*

*Song is still stuck in my head @_@*

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Guest xl0lxl0lx

her body looks like better than before, who knew that was possible lol. yeah, i think she looks really great, not to fond of her hair in the comback though.

in 'my love', are they saying "i like it kinky"? or is it just the instrumentals? i really can't tell lol

i don't think it's as catchy as 'the two of us' or 'only you'.

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Guest Jeong Eunna

thx a lot

i'm downloading it

love her new look and new hairstyles

this song is easy to listen to

i wanna have her 4th album right now ^v^

do u guys know how to post a comment in her cyworld ???

can anyone show me cause i dont know Kor

thx in advance

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