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The Official Chae Yeon (채연) Thread

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Guest pink1e

XD i came to the music thread to find chae yeon's thread and it was first on the list. lol.

I love her 2nd album but does anyone have her 3rd album? i'm gonna buy it with her 4th album XD but in the mean time try to find mp3's

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Guest Francisco007

hey everyone, first time that i post here :sweatingbullets:

anyway, does someone have a link (clubbox,...) to her comeback perf and/or her music video?? thx

i watched her comeback and her MV and WOW, i love it!! One word: HOT,HOT but i hate the kissing scene.

I'm re-becoming her fan now

Very happy that she is back!!!

And her album is very GOOD

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*applause* ... and the crowd goes wild!

That was a great performance ... kinda wished the crowd was noisier though, right? ... haha ..

I haven't seen the MV yet because mofile keeps stalling on me. So if anyone can link me to a download or YouTube, I would be greatly appreciative. :D

-- edit --

Rock on ... thanks energywen!

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i expected chaeyeon to lipsynce and she did!! i was so happy. i know that she has potential to sing live. but with the choreography that great, i don't want her to cut down the dance and concentrate on singing. if you know what i mean...

it was so amazing!!

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OMG! I'm so excited!!!! I'm new in this thread because i dont get into the music forum...but i'm gonna change that. chae Yeon is baaack!!!! :D

I've watched the performances, and i looove them! I've listened to four songs of the cd, and that two (my love & favor) were my favs!

About her appereance, her looks, and all the company stuff, I just wish her the best, that she can deal with all that with health and maturity, because if she looses any of that, it's bad for her and bad for us. She has to think first in herself.

....I cant wair for see the video clip! ^_^

see ya ;)

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Guest nam87

my first post on Chae Yeon's thread...

i'm starting to like her...

a new fan of Chae Yeon...

just watched most of her perfomance clips and also her MV...

wow...she was smoking hot...

and i really love the Come Closer song and Two of Us song...

well, currently listening to her new songs...and basically they are good....

love the new beat of Chae Yeon...

Chae Yeon...hwaiting!!!

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Guest ohiloveit

Whoo, I really like her title song! At first it was alright, but it keeps playing on my player on repeat xP Yeah! Her comeback was FANTASTIC.

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Guest energywen

hurhur..welcome to the thread

anyway, today's dangerous cafe fanmeeting pics in the forum.

im seriously,definately, absolutely dying of jealousy.

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watched the perf and saw the mv twice and thought it was an excellent comeback for her..she looks great..although the choreography wasnt what i expected for the 'my love' song but its not cy's fault...it could've used some latin dance moves in there..should've hired a better choreographer that would help show that cy can dance..chaeyeon fighting!!! :D

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Guest UNee4Life

hmmm I just saw her comeback special and um...

it's not all that spectacular. I was really looking forward to some *WOW* affect, maybe from her dancing or singing live, but neither were impressive

she didn't sing and her dancing wasn't as good as it should be.

I really like her look even though I felt that she kinda reminds me of hyori/koda kumi, but whatever Chae Yeon looked SEXY! hahha

but yeah I thought the comeback was quit boring, and neither song is that catchy, but I do like *my love* way more than *favor*.

her dancing still seems slow, like she is moving slower than everyone else and not with as much energy.

I hope she sings live, someday lol

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^she often sings live, but comeback special/ goodbye special are lipsynced from time to time

i'm sure she will sing live soon

I'm going crazy about 'my love' now >_<

can't wait to download her comeback special (HQ version)

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Guest o-cha

I thought all of you Chae Yeon fans might find this somewhat interesting

repost from Kim Jong Kook thread


news credit: starnews


채연 "김종국과 사적으로 만난적 없어"

Chae Yeon “I’ve never met with Kim Jong Kook privately”

4집을 발표하고 섹시열풍에 합류한 가수 채연이 과거 김종국의 팬이었던 사실이 공개됐지만 방송 전후 전혀 달라진 것은 없다고 밝혔다.

Sexy singer Chae Yeon during her 4th album meeting had announced that in the past she was Kim Jong Kook’s fan; she revealed to the public that it hasn’t changed.

채연은 지난해 SBS 'X맨'에서 과거 김종국의 팬이었음이 알려지면서 화제를 모았다. 특히 당시 두 사람은 러브라인을 형성, 채연은 '당연하지' 코너를 통해 "그때는 여고생이었지만 이젠 제가 여자로 보이시나요"라는 발언을 해 크게 화제를 모았다.

Last year in SBS ‘X-man’ it became a known hot topic that Chae Yeon was a fan of Kim Jong Kook in the past. The two formed a love line and Chae Yeon’s ‘Dangyunhaji’ segment which led to her asking “I was a high school student then but now do you see me as a woman?” became a widely talked about topic.

채연은 최근 스타뉴스와의 인터뷰에서 "김종국 씨가 숫기가 없는데다 나 역시 방송에서 비춰지는 모습과는 달리 먼저 가서 말을 잘 거는 편이 아니다"며 "당시 방송이 끝난 뒤 한 마디 말도 못 나눴다"고 털어놨다.

Recently Chae Yeon told starnews in an interview “Kim Jong Kook as well as I were shy/self-conscious during the broadcast. We didn’t know if we should reveal the fact or not” and she said “we didn’t even say a word after the program.” shaking off (rumors).

이어 채연은 "사람들이 김종국 씨와 친할 것이라 생각하시지만 방송 전후 관계는 전혀 달라진 게 없다"고 덧붙였다.

Chae Yeon says, “People think that I have an intimate/close relationship with Kim Jong Kook after the (X-man) broadcast but it (our relationship) did not change entirely.”

이와 함께 채연은 "사실 'X맨' 촬영을 하며 먼저 내가 10년 전 진숙이라고 얘기하고 싶었다"며 "그런데 방송 중 갑자기 김종국 씨가 나를 안다고 얘기해 당황했었다. 때문에 방송 녹화가 잠시 중단되기도 했었다"고 밝혔다.

With this Chae Yeon said,” Truthfully when we first shot ‘X-man’ scene I didn’t want to tell people that 10 years ago I was Jin Sook.” and she also said “ But all of a sudden Kim Jong Kook spoke about that and it made me panicked.”

채연은 "이제 이상형 질문을 받거나 어디를 가도 김종국 씨 얘기를 주위에서 많이 물어보신다"며 "할 말이 없으니까 솔직히 난처할 때가 있다. 물론 김종국 씨의 팬이었던 사실이 알려지면서 많은 분들의 관심을 받아 고맙게 생각한다"고 말했다.

Chae Yeon said, “Now I received a lot of questions about my ideal type, and questions surrounding where do I talk (meet) with Kim Jong Kook.” “I am faced with this situation and frankly I don’t have anything to say. Of course I was a Kim Jong Kook’s fan. I am grateful that the fact became known and received a lot of people’s interest.”

한편 채연은 4집 타이틀곡 '마이 러브'로 본격적인 활동을 시작, 음반 발매와 함께 뮤직비디오 키스신으로 큰 화제를 모았다.

Meanwhile, Chae Yeon’s activity in (promoting) her title song “My Love” has just started; her record sale and kiss scene in her MV is collecting a lot of interest/topic.

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Guest pinklegirl007

^ Chae Yeon already said that she doesn't have any close special relationship with Kim Jong Kook in the show Yashimanman and she already explained the whole situation.. I don't understand why people keep bugging her with that. Anyways, I'm so glad that she's gaining a lot of attention with her new album!! Thanks so much for the news!! :D

Also those who were not able to see Chae Yeon's comeback.... its now available in youtube!

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Guest tudaobietbuon

^^ yeah, she said that it was nothing but people keep on making a whole big deal out of it ... lame


at first, i didn't really like My Love's dances but since i pay closer attention to it, the dances is really cool ...sexy, nice and smooth...

... it's great .. I love it ... i can't wait for HQ version of the mv.. (is there one out yet?)

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At first, when all the kjk/cy thing on xman, i didnt like it, but then chae yeon was always honest about that and i know that the dangyinhaji was just a game, and that's it. People dont get over it because it's a hot topic that two stars known each other more than 10 years ago.

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