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The Official Chae Yeon (채연) Thread

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Guest yongieee

omg i absolutel loveee the new mv

i honestly didnt like the "my love" at first.. but after a while, the song really is catchy

and seriously, the choreagraphy in the mv is sooo amazing!!

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Guest hyukiemylove






shes so stunning.

i love whats shes wearing.

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Guest vietblue99

Her come back performance

It was simply spectacular - a most see!

She really like stripes.

I really like the hairstyle she had for the My Love performance. It suit her so well and made her look even prettier.

I like the blonde that she added and yep for My Love she wore the outfit that she took a picture off and put on her cyworld earlier.

The audience was constantly chanting Chae Yeon

She looked really happy but tired in some parts

I really like her My Love outfit for this performance.

One of the best come backs I've seen.

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Guest pinklegirl007

Chae Yeon just finished her performance!!!! I loved it!!! I loved her outfits, she looked pretty and the dances were great for both songs!!! The stage set was really pretty too. I could tell her company spent a lot of money on the stage set too... I definitely need to download a hq version of this performance!! Overall, Chae Yeon's performance in sbs was a very successful comback! :D

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Guest energywen


it is so nice!!!!

i like her comeback!!!!!

omg omg omg.....im gg nutts...

anyway..the strips ting..it looks nice!

and her my love...i liek my love perf more thou

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Guest tudaobietbuon

man... I just watch her comeback live.... great pref... although she didn't sing live.. but great nonetheless...

she looks so pretty.. love the dance ... and of course everything overall .. yay...

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Guest pinklegirl007

Ooooh I wanna see her comeback! XD

What's the track number of the song she performed besides "My Love"?

^ I think its track number 3... its called Bu Tak.

To add to what I said before: I think Chae Yeon's main performance was the best... I really liked it!! Bu Tak was also really good. I think her comeback was the best out of all the female singers recent comebacks... alot of the other female singers performances are good now, but their comebacks were awkward and not so good... it took them a while to improve on their stage presence... but I was so surprised with Chae Yeon, she looked so comfortable on stage... her first performance was so good... the best comeback performance I've seen in a long time! :)

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Guest l33mimi



i really liked My Love performance. They choreography is catchy yet sexy, the outfit was really sexy, really liked it.

The first performance was okay, i didnt know what was up with the Gloves, it looked akaward.

Anyways, yeah she lipsynced, i thought she could of done it live since we all know she has the ability. Hope its Live

on her next comeback though.

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Guest kayem7289

Gaahhhh! I missed it T^T...Thank God for YT and Bestiz, but I'm glad she did a great job, since you guys all said she did. I really hope to catch it soon, now that I'm a big fan of her song <3!

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Guest nessa

yeah i wish she could've sang live for her comeback, but it's okay, her perf was still good. Hoepfully her next comeback on music core or music bank will be live :).

The first perf: I liked the song but the perf was okay, nothing amazing. I didn't really like her outfit, lol.

The second perf: I thought it rocked. I love the fact that she's dancing a lot more, showing that she can dance. The perf was SEXY! lol. I loved her outfit, all except her shoes, lol. But the dance was hot and chae yeon was too. I can't wait to see more and more of 'my love' performances.

She has gotten so skinny! But she still looks lovely!


I noticed I haven't posted here in awhile. lol.

Oh and her MV rocked! omg it was hot! The second outfit she had on towards the end was so sexy. Showed off her new sexy body, I'm jealous, I was I had a body like hers, lol.

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