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The Official Chae Yeon (채연) Thread

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Guest vietblue99

Only a few more hours until SBS Inkigayo.

The Mv was so amazing. I loved the dancing. It worked so well with the song! Thanks for the link! You so made my day with this.

Her company is definitely putting more money into her. Finally! Well I'm off to watch the Mv again. I just simply love the song and now the Mv!

Chae Yeon Vol. 4 - My Love (April 2)


1. My Love

2. One Person

3. Favor

4. Unfamiliar Lie

5. Game

6. Vague Anticipation

7. Awkward Love

8. Tell Me

9. Noble Love

10. Lonely Separation

11. Party Tonight

12. My Love (Global Re-Mix)

13. Unfamiliar Lie (Benny Re-Mix)

14. Awkward Love (Mojo House Re-Mix)

15. My Love (Bossa Re-Mix)

credits to Weekly Kpop Music Chart 2007 thread

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Guest pinklegirl007


here is the link >_< so cool the dance is so so cool

Thank you so much for the link!! I love her dancing in the new MV!!! The backround is a bit dark, but I love the dancing and her brown outfit that she wears towards the end of the video... it really matches with the dance.

Like everyone said... only a few hours till CY's comeback!!!

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Guest angel2nyt

^^ it is addicting.. lol

I really like the new album...i especially love #7 ... i've been listening to it for couple hours straight.. lol

i agree..

i really like the beat

this song was really good

the remix was actually good too..

i actually find it better, it sounded disco-ish.. really good

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Guest energywen

my love mv is up for download for those who had not dl-ed it. (:


i TOP the page again!!!!!

will edit after SBS inki......ahahahahahas

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