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"Angry Mom" Character Posters for Rebellious Kim Hee Seon and Sweet Ji Hyun Woo Are Revealed

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On March 16, he character poster for the main characters, Ji Hyun Woo and Kim Hee Seon, on MBC’s drama “Angry Mom” were revealed. In the poster for Kim Hee Seon, she is standing in the middle of the classroom with a mop in her hand. Her rebellious expression and crooked pose makes her seem like the typical mean girl of the school. Even her unique uniform styling depicts that she is no ordinary student. On the other hand, Ji Hyun Woo is sweet and charming in his poster. It is notable that he is standing in front of the poet Yoon Dong Joo’s “Seosi” in with a heart warming smile on his face. This symbolizes Ji Hyun Woo’s character’s determination, early on in the drama, as a literature teacher. “Unlike posters in the past, we tried to make ones that truly reflected the characters’ personality,” the producers said. “Rebellious Kim Hee Seon, sweet Ji Hyun Woo, and sharp yet chic Kim Yoo Jung are all characters that we wanted fans to meet beforehand.” Meanwhile, “Angry Mom” is a drama in which a young mom, who was a rebellious mean girl during her school days, attends high school again. As she overcomes all the problems in our education system, the audience experiences a feeling of satisfaction as well. The script for the drama was nominated for the excellence award during the “2014 MBC Script Contest.” Starting on March 18, it will be starring Kim Hee Seon, Ji Hyun Woo, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Tae Hoon, Oh Yoon Ah, and B1A4’s Baro. angry mom 1angry mom 2

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