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Top Ten K-drama Moments Of The Week - March Week 3

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This top 10 is a blend of wistfulness and excitement, especially as this past week was a curtain call for a beloved show that continued to give so much fun to the very end. Meanwhile tvN's latest offering had a solid debut with its moments of heart and levity. Drum roll please! 1. "Kill Me, Heal Me": Fangirls know everything!

No surprise our favorite moments in this drama involve Yo Na because who doesn't like seeing Ji Sung dressed in pink?

Once inside Ri On's bedroom, Yo Na locks the door and tries (again) to get a kiss when her oppa suddenly blurts out he's heading to the military. Yo Na is shocked and saddened, shedding a few tears until ... she makes it clear she knows he's already been to the military. She even has the documents to prove it! LMAO. The moral of this scene: Don't mess with a fangirl who knows everything about you!


2. "Heard It Through The Grapevine": How dare you?!

This drama continues to be hilarious in the sneakiest ways and as usual, the comedy can be found in how the plans of Han In Sang's stuck-up parents blow up in their faces.

What had us laughing from the last episode was the reaction of In Sang's father when, after several attempts to get his parents to offer an apology for their previous bad behavior and thwart their plans to foist even more ridiculous requests on Seo Bom's family, our young hero took matters into his own hands and apologized instead. Soon, any semblance of decorum was shucked as Mr. Han climbed over the banister to get to his son. The servants also had to hold back Mr. Seo, who was spoiling for a fight with Mr. Han. It's one of those scenes that needs to be watched to be appreciated.

3. "Kill Me, Heal Me": Ahn Yo Na lives on!

With a time jump in the final episode, we see Ri On has written another book and watches people at a bookstore purchasing it. When he and a beautiful young woman (Yuri) pick up a copy at the same time, his heart flutters until ... she tells him her name: Ahn Yo Na. Horrified, he runs away, but this Yo Na's personality is a carbon copy of Do Hyun's boy crazy alter. New Yo Na chases Ri On, screaming "Oppa!" LOL. This is has to be our favorite part of the finale!

4. "Hogu's Love": It's supposed to do that?!

Although he gets angry that Hogu still believes he's the father, you can tell Kang Chul wants to be a part of our hero and Do Hee's strange little family. It was adorable when both Do Hee and Hogu managed to convince Kang Chul to let them give the baby a bath and even sweeter when he ended up helping out. Not knowing the bellybutton is supposed to fall off, Kang Chul became alarmed and immediately felt guilty when it did, quickly trying to explain it was an accident. We kind of wish these three could adopt the baby and make their own family together.


5."Unkind Women": How to get a date

After bumping into him a few times, Jung Ma Ri has begun to suspect that Lee Roo Oh has been obsessively following her, and so, when they both wind up in the same hallway at her aunt's apartment building, the hot blooded professor slaps him. Although riled, he coolly explains that he lives there, and Ma Ri offers her face to be slapped to make up for her mistake. To Roo Oh's credit, he doesn't take her up on it, and instead, she's surprised when he tells her he'll only accept an apology if she treats him out at a nearby food stall. Now, one would think he'd be turned off after being assaulted, but our confident kendo master is irrevocably in like with our tough heroine, and kudos to him for turning an awkward situation to his romantic advantage.

6. "Shine or Go Crazy": First Wife vs. Sister Wife

Even if Yeo Won wasn't a power-hungry, murderous witch, our 21st century sensibilities would probably still keep us from rooting for a happy marriage between a man and his half-sister. Nonetheless, we can't help but respect her for being a highly intelligent woman who uses her skills to get what she wants, and that's why we appreciate this scene. Although they're on the opposite sides of good and evil, we're thrilled with the showdown between two whip-smart women. May the best woman win!


7. "My Heart Twinkle Twinkle": Behaving badly

When Soo Chul recently visited Soon Jung's chicken restaurant, he was greeted by the sight of a bare chested Do Hoon and our pajama-clad heroine sleeping together. Seeing red, he took pictures of them, threatening to post them at the market place so the world can judge whether the two were innocent or were in fact behaving badly.

Although the oldest in the room, Soo Chul's childishness and words left us with grinning faces.

8. "Super Daddy 10": Fender bender blues

Distracted by thoughts about her terminal illness and her daughter, Cha Mi Rae accidentally hits a car in front of her while driving. The livid driver of the other vehicle gets out, and as bystanders crowd around the scene, he berates Mi Rae about her driving skills. However, he soon becomes dumbfounded and stammers when Mi Rae breaks down. Our hearts are crushing for Mi Rae as she cries for her life to be saved and at the unfairness of her situation. At the same time though, it's mildly hilarious that she has disarmed the other driver, who eventually whimpers with her, freaked out by this turn of events. This is one way to get out of a fender bender!


9. "Hyde Jekyll, Me": Memory regained

Unaware of the fact that he has thoroughly intimidated his childhood kidnapper, Soo Hyun believes the lie that his father had no part in his kidnapping. For a second, it looks like the bad guys have won and Seo Jin will have to give up everything, but then, the sight of the kidnapper's tattoo revives Soo Hyun's memories. Fully acknowledging that his father was involved years ago, he lets Seo Jin and Ha Na go.

It's a relief that Soo Hyun has gained back his memories, and we hope that this signals the beginning of a recovery for both him and Seo JIn.


10. "Super Daddy 10": Prepping for a beating

The young Dr. Shin is out to win Cha Mi Rae's affections, even getting tips from her daughter and making bold proposals that have led him nowhere. Still, he remains undeterred.

One evening, as Mi Rae walks home, she's greeted with a new gutsy declaration of love from her junior. After dabbing on lip balm, Dr. Shin approaches Mi Rae with a take-charge attitude and grabs her face for a kiss. It's another mission failed, though, as Mi Rae pummels his head with her purse. Bwaha.

Here's a tip for Dr. Shin: Sexual harassment is not the way to a woman's heart!

That's all for this top 10! We hope you enjoyed our picks, and please share what you think below. Until next time!

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