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Giveaway + Get The Look: Concert Chic

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There are many great ways to show off your fandom - shirts, pins, hats, socks - you name it and you can find it with your biases logo and/or face on it. But, when you go to a concert, you’re going to have a lot of stuff (water, polaroid camera if you’re close to the stage and incredibly lucky, light stick, hand-made sign, CD+sharpie set in case of interactions with the artist). concert-survival-pack-BTS What ever are you going to carry it all in? How about a hand-made tote bag that you can decorate however you’d like? Our friends over at Creativebug can help you create an amazing tote bag to complete your concert look! All you need is to get those creative juices flowing and decide how to decorate it (hand-painted? Printed iron-on decals?). market-tote-new-3market-tote-new-4 The steps are super simple and, remember, if you hand-make it then when you throw it on stage for oppa/noona/dongsaeng s/he can treasure it forever. Or, you can just avoid that embarrassing moment when you are all matchy-matchy with other fans and it was not on purpose.

Click the image below to learn how to make your own tote bag - for free:


BONUS: Tell us what your next concert is in the comments below and we’ll choose 2 winners for a FREE MEMBERSHIP to Creativebug! Learn how to create amazing DIY crafts (fan presents, anyone?) with their amazing tutorials on us for 3 months!

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