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Cha Seung Won Looks Affectionately at a Child Actress in "Hwajung’s" Preview Cuts

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The new MBC drama "Hwajung" revealed preview cuts of Cha Seung Won looking at a child actress with loving eyes, and smiling as if he is talking with his own daughter. The preview stills were taken during the filming scene of King Gwang Hae (Cha Seung Won's role) looking at his younger sister (later to be played by actress Lee Yeon Hee) with sorrowful yet loving eyes. Viewers should look forward to seeing how the two people's relationship will progress in the drama. Filming of the scene was taken place on February 28, and the atmosphere of the set was said to be heavy with tension. However, Cha Seung Won held the nine-year-old actress' hands time to time during the filming in order to keep her warm, making the filming staff smile in admiration. hwajung2 Meanwhile, the director of "Hwajung" also directed popular dramas including "Can You Hear My Heart," "Couple or Trouble," and "Arang and the Magistrate." The script writer of "Hwajung" is famous for writing quality historical dramas such as "Yi San" and "Dong Yi." The drama "Hwajung" will air after "Shine or Go Crazy" on April. [tv]Watch Shine or Go Crazy here on Soompi TV![/tv]

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