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2PM’s Junho Says He Makes Lee Yoo Bi Call Him Oppa Even Though They're the Same Age

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During an interview for the new movie "Twenty" taken place in a cafe on March 13, Lee Jun Ho confessed that he is sensitive about his age. Being born on January 25 of 1990, Junho has an early birthday. Because Korean age system uses the lunar calendar, he is considered to be the same age as people born in the year 1989. Because Lee Yoo Bi was born on November 22 of 1990, the two are technically the same age. However, Junho revealed that he made the actress call him "oppa" (The Korean word for "older brother" used by girls). He talked about movie "Twenty" co-stars and their age saying, "I don't become 'friends' with people born in 1990. All my friends were born in 1989, and I don't want things to get messy." He then added, "Kim Woo Bin was born in 1989 and Kang Ha Neul was born in 1990 but has an early birthday, so I was able to become friends with them." Junho then complimented Lee Yoo Bi saying, "Lee Yoo Bi is very bouncy and bright with a lot of aegyo. She could be rebellious sometimes, which is charming. She is very similar to [her character] in the movie." Meanwhile, the movie will be released on March 25. source (1)

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