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Baro Talks about Working with Kim Hee Sun and Kim Yoo Jung on "Angry Mom"

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B1A4's Baro has shared some new information about the character he plays in MBC's much anticipated drama "Angry Mom" as well as discussed his experiences acting alongside his co-stars. "Angry Mom" is the story of a young mother who was once a bully and is now going undercover at her daughter's high school in order to protect her. In the drama, Baro plays a rebellious teenager named Hong Sang Tae who pretends to be a model student to gain power at school. According to Baro, "Hong Sang Tae is cold and abrasive. He's used to hiding his feelings from others. It will be interesting to see how his character develops over the course of the show." In regards to his working relationship with his sunbae Kim Hee Sun, he admits, "I was worried at first about what would happen if I made a mistake in front of her. But once I actually spent time with her, I realized that she's really nice and easy-going." Kim Yoo Jung also appears in the drama as the daughter of Kim Hee Sun's character. Baro states, "Although Kim Yoo Jung is younger than me, she has more experience at acting so I have a lot to learn from her." Baro says that he thinks of this role as the third step in his development, and resolves to mature through his work in the drama. We can look forward to seeing Baro and his co-stars in "Angry Mom" when its first episode airs on March 18.

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