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"Sensory Couple" Starring Park Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung Releases Teaser Video

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"Sensory Couple," an upcoming drama starring Park Yoochun of JYJ and actress Shin Se Kyung, has released its first teaser video. In the video, Shin Se Kyung's character introduces Park Yoochun's character in a voice-over. His character, Choi Mu Gak, is a charismatic policeman who has no senses. Shin Se Kyung's character, on the other hand, has a unique ability to see smells. Although she says that he is an "insensitive guy," at the end of the video, she admits in a voiceover, "But why do I want to smile whenever I meet him?" The upcoming SBS drama is based on the webtoon of the same title. It also stars Namgoong Min and Yoon Jin Seo. "Sensory Couple" will premiere on April 1, after the completion of "Hyde, Jekyll, Me." Watch the teaser video for the drama below. Thanks Lidia for the tip!

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