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Woman Crush Wednesday: Jin Hee Kyung/Kang So Ra's Ha Chun Hwa in "Sunny"

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Park Shin Hye's Choi In Ha from "Pinocchio" and Song Ji Hyo's Oh Jin Hee from "Emergency Couple." Those were the only two nominees for the Woman Crush Wednesday Mystery Reveal originally scheduled to be featured this week. While the winner of the random selection has already been chosen, the drama in which they starred in is actually one I have not yet finished watching. Since I feel I would not be able to do the character justice without first completing the drama first, March's Mystery Reveal will be postponed until the next Woman Crush Wednesday article. In the meantime though, this week's woman crush is still unique in its own right because it'll be the first time our crush comes from a film and not a drama. It will also be the first time in which two actresses equally portrayed the character. That lovely woman is Ha Chun Hwa from "Sunny," portrayed by both Kang So Ra in her teenage years and Jin Hee Kyung in her middle-aged years. "Sunny" is a wonderful and beautiful movie about friendship between seven hilarious, curse spewing women. I don't want to give too much away because my reasons for Ha Chun Hwa being this week's woman crush will already provide enough spoilers, but Soompiers, if you haven't seen this movie yet, you absolutely must! It's one of the best Korean movies I've seen and some of their antics will have you falling over with laughter. Before I stray too far from the subject at hand though, here are five reasons why Ha Chun Hwa is totally and completely crush worthy (spoilers, spoilers, spoilers!):

1. Ha Chun Hwa is completely open with her emotions.

WCW_Ha Chun Hwa_Emotions She's straightforward about her thoughts, strong in her opinions, and her heart is written on her sleeves. There is no way to misunderstand or be unaware of the emotions she's feeling because it's always displayed on her face. There's no hidden agenda and what you see is what you get. That, in and of itself, already makes Ha Chun Hwa awesome!

2. She's tough as nails.

WCW_Ha Chun Hwa_Tough As a teenager, Ha Chun Hwa was as tough as can be. Twenty-five years later, she hasn't changed a bit. As a terminally ill lung cancer patient, she goes through a lot of pain, but she still finds it in herself to smile and laugh whenever possible, making it through her difficulties as best as she can. At the same time, she's not afraid to show her vulnerabilities, especially to her closest friends - Sunny.

3. Ha Chun Hwa is a true, protective friend.

WCW_Ha Chun Hwa_Friend No matter what age she was, Ha Chun Hwa never hesitated to risk her own neck to save her cherished friends. When she was a teenager, even if it involved defying a teacher or getting into a fight, she would jump to the rescue without a second thought. As an adult, she made sure each and every single one of her friend was well taken care of for the rest of their life after her passing by carefully planning what to leave for them in her will. She ensured that they would never have to worry about jobs or finances again while leaving a part of herself with them forever.

4. She knows how to kick butt!

Although there are plenty of absolutely great moments in "Sunny," especially when it comes to Ha Chun Hwa's fighting skills, the clip above is probably one of the best ways to spend four minutes of your time. With the video evidence alone, no words are necessary to explain just how amazing Ha Chun Hwa is. Ha!

5. Ha Chun Hwa is the life of the party.

Can you believe that was actually during Ha Chun Hwa's funeral? She has a great sense of humor and a big love for fun, so much that in her will, she wanted Sunny to perform the dance they never got the chance to perform as teenagers. What would have been a sad, depressing day for Sunny turned into a moment of pure joy and reminiscence as they simply embraced the fact that, at last, they had been reunited again. Regardless of whether she was alive or not, Ha Chun Hwa certainly knows how to party it up! To fully appreciate that scene though, you'll actually have to watch "Sunny" to realize its significance. Have you seen "Sunny," Soompiers? If so, what did you think about Ha Chun Hwa? If not, do you think you'll be watching it to find out why Ha Chun Hwa has joined our Woman Crush Wednesday list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for the mystery reveal on our next woman crush article! [tv]Catch one of the best Korean movies Sunny on SoompiTV! [/tv] For a full list of our Woman Crush Wednesdays, please click here.

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