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Chinese "Running Man" Filming Is Called Off Due to Huge Crowd

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The filming of an episode of the Chinese version of "Running Man" ("Hurry Up, Brother") was cancelled on March 9th due to the disruption caused by a massive crowd of people who came out to watch. The shoot was taking place in a financial building in Chengdu, Sichuan. On site were regular members such as Deng Chao, Angelababy, Zheng Kai, and Li Chen, and guests including Fan Bingbing and Han Geng (former member of Super Junior). They were filming an episode for the show's upcoming second season. Producers had to call off the shoot because of the sea of fans who found out where filming was taking place after the location was leaked online. Some of the crowd managed to enter the building where the cast was set to shoot, while others waited outside to try to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. This is not the first time that "Hurry Up, Brother" has had to cancel filming because of crowds of fans. The same thing happened during the filming of season 1 last November, when over 10,000 people gathered at an outdoor shooting location, making it impossible for the cast and crew to continue to film. Season 2 of "Hurry Up, Brother" airs this April. running man  hurry up brother

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