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Top Ten K-drama Moments Of The Week - March Week 2

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K-dramas are our escape from the real world, and we are relieved to have had these top 10 moments to massage away our stresses from the past week! 1. "Kill Me, Heal Me": Saying goodbye

In episode 18 of "Kill Me, Heal Me," the first of Do Hyun's alter personalities said a heartfelt goodbye to Ri Jin. Yo Sub, the suicidal high schooler, announces that Do Hyun no longer has any thoughts of ending his life; this means Yo Sub is no longer needed. Calling her noona and planting a kiss on her cheek, he's caught by Ri On, who shoves him to the floor.

Suddenly, Yo Sub becomes Yo Na and chaos ensues. Yo Na is delighted to see her Ri On Oppa again, jumping on him and trying for another kiss. As Ri Jin and Ri On fight over whose bedroom the boy crazy alter will sleep in, Yo Na watches Ri On with stars in her eyes.

We adore Yo Na, and we're secretly hoping Ji Sung decides to keep those pink pajamas!

2. "Shine or Go Crazy": Sending a message

We're now in Angst City, and we love it! Falling in love is never easy, especially when there's an evil wife to contend with.

While So So and Gaebong are free to love, Prince Wang So and Assistant Head Shin Yool are not. Shin Yool isn't even allowed to talk to him now that his wife knows about their one-day marriage, so, she does everything in her power to push him away as she devises a plan to fight for her love.

In the meantime, however, So So and Gaebong still need and long for each other, which brings us to this scene. It moves us that even though Shin Yool refuses to appear to Wang So as the more amicable Gaebong, he still finds a way to express his heart to her ... and vice versa. The hand-touching is just icing on the cake!


3. "The Legendary Witch": You're still the one

Soo In's reunion with Woo Suk is probably as sweet as her baked goods. Although she pushed Woo Suk away out of guilt towards her deceased husband, over the past year her feelings for Woo Suk never waned and she missed him dearly.

We were touched when the couple slipped their couple rings on each other's fingers and capped the moment with a kiss. And while we were happy that their mother, Bok Nyeo, ended the show with a wedding ceremony, we were a little disappointed that Woo Suk and Soo In couldn't have one, too.

4. "Hogu's Love": I'm a cautious namja

We're delighted that Ho Gu continues to bond with the baby, but his relationship with Do Hee has also progressed. Inviting her to stay over instead of going to another hotel, we have to hide our giggles right along with Do Hee when he tells her it is safe to stay with him because nothing has happened in his bedroom in the last twenty-five years. Is that how men announce they are virgins these days?

Thinking over what he just said, Ho Gu realizes how it sounds and quickly verifies that Do Hee isn't laughing at him. We can't get enough of Choi Woo Shik and his lovable character, Ho Goo!


5. "Unkind Women": Not the girl of his dreams

Since their initial awkward drive-by meetings, Lee Roo Oh has been blatant about his romantic interest in Jung Ma Ri, inviting her to come often to his kendo studio. During a session, the kendo master gets his hopes up when he spots Ma Ri from behind. Surely, he would know the back of her head as he has memorized the sight of her running away from him after their shower incident. So, he approaches her---errr, him?! LOL. Much to his embarrassment, it's not Ma Ri in class, but his "pretty" male student sporting the same hairstyle as our heroine.

Roo Oh is the kind of male lead we can get used to. He's confident but not smug. He's nice but isn't shy or cocky about it. And clearly, he's unafraid about acting on his [burgeoning] feelings for a girl, even if it might lead to a pie-in-the-face moment. LOL.


6. "Heard It Through The Grapevine": Mom vs. Mom

In Sang's family resides in a world where money and manipulation keep them from suffering real consequences, and so, we're enjoying how an unplanned teen pregnancy is blowing up their world.

It was bad enough that In Sang's family tried to use money to make their grandchild disappear, but avoiding confrontation by pretending to be unrelated to him is taking things too far, and rightfully so, Seo Bom's mother refused to let his mom, Yeon Hee, get away with it and unloaded all her anger onto her. Right on for Seo Bom's mom!


7. "Unkind Women": Mama's Wrath

From the beginning, Lee Doo Jin has had icy and hapless interactions with Jung Ma Ri, and he just extended his bum rap to her mother, Hyun Sook.

After going out for drinks, he piggybacks a smashed Ma Ri home, and when he sets her down, she passes out in his arms. He tries to wake her up, but she's too plastered, and so, he bends down some more, moving his face closer to her as if to kiss her. Whatever his intention was, he doesn't get to do it as Hyun Sook whacks his head with her purse. Yikes! How will Doo Jin explain himself out of this mess? Was he really planning on kissing Ma Ri? For now, he's fortunate that Hyun Sook doesn't know he's the son of her nemesis, Na Hyun Ae; otherwise, he might wind up limping home.


8. "Hyde, Jekyll, Me": Bad memories, bad law

Recently, Seo Jin pretended to be Robin and tricked Tae Joo into admitting he is in fact Soo Hyun. The two had a much needed talk, as Seo Jin revealed the part of his memory that Soo Hyun seemed to have forgotten: The involvement of Soo Hyun's dad in the kidnapping. It was a truth Seo Jin vaguely remembered and a reality that contradicted Soo Hyun's own reconstructed memory. This confrontation could have lasted longer, but the cops decided to interrupt! Blergh! We facepalmed some more as Soo Hyun easily walked away because he hypnotized the whole police force, which is turning into the symbol of incompetence. LOL.


9. "Sweden Laundry": Super Friends

Seeing Soo Chul and Bom together again was a sight for sore eyes!

When her sister was held captive by her shady manager and a sleazy adult film director, Bom enlisted the help of Soo Chul. They proved to be a force to be reckoned with as they ambushed the dirtbags.

The whole scene kept us laughing, but in retrospect, it was also sad because this was the last time we would see the awesome team-up of Soo Chul and Bom.


10. "Blood": Poolside reveal

Their walk in the forest confirmed that Ri Ta was the young girl Ji Sang saved. From this point on, the mood between them became light. Whereas before, one of them would probably be thrown in the water in this scene, their improved relationship treated viewers with a cute poolside chat and a piggyback ride instead. During their talk, Ri Ta reminisced about the incident involving the oppa who saved her, confiding to Ji Sang that she'd like to see him again, even just once. At this revelation, Ji Sang couldn't suppress a smile, and we couldn't either! It's nice to see him smiling more.

That's all for this top 10! Do you agree with these stress-relievers? Which ones would you have picked? Please chime in below with your thoughts, and join us again next week!

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