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Ga In Finds Expressing the Concept of Her New Album Difficult

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Brown Eyed GirlsGa In revealed her thoughts on her fourth upcoming album “Hawwah,” which will be released on March 12. Ga In held a press conference and music video preview for her album on March 9. Hawwah is the Jewish name for the biblical Eve, the first lady to cross the line due to temptation, and the album recreates her with a modern twist through Ga In’s daring concepts. The double title songs are “Paradise Lost” and “Apple,” and other songs included in the album are “Free Will,” “The First Temptation,” “Two Women,” and “Guilty.” During the preview, Ga In shyly says, “I had a hard time expressing this album’s concept.” She adds, “I even drop and dance on the ground to express a snake,” anticipating another shocking performance. Meanwhile, “Paradise Lost” is written by the hit song maker Lee Min Soo and lyricist Kim Lee NaJay Park features in the song “Apple,” raising the bar of perfection with his exceptional rapping skills. Unfortunately, "Apple" has been rated R for its suggestive lyrics, such as "I want to do it more because you say no," "I'll close the door and show you the real deal," and "We clasp hands to cross the line." Ga In showed her disappointment in the song's rating, saying, "I felt the song was on the edge when I first received it. It isn't totally vulgar, but at the same time, it adds the necessary details to give the song the right kick. I'm sorry to hear that it was rated R."

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