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Actor Byun Yo Han Reveals He Would Like to Try a Cross-Dressing Role

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On the March 7 live radio broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Two O’clock Escape Cultwo Show,” actors Byun Yo Han and Lee Joo Seung of the movie “Social Phobia” made a guest appearance. During the radio show, Byun Yo Han shared, “I like to sing, but I can’t do it well,” which caused DJ Cultwo to request the actor to show off a bit of his singing for listeners. Despite his shyness at first, Byun Yo Han ultimately sang a part of a number from the musical “Hedwig.” He then explained, “I’m a fan of ‘Hedwig.’ It’s a role that all male actors want to try at least once.” When it was pointed out that he would have to cross-dress for the role, the actor stated, “I would like to try it once. I’ve done it as a joke when I was younger, but I’ve never tried it again after understanding my identity.” After hearing this, however, Jung Chan Woo told him, “I tried cross-dressing after understanding my identity but I still received a lot of finger-pointing. [People said] it was dirty,” causing laughter. Meanwhile, “Social Phobia” is scheduled to premiere in theaters on March 12.

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